These boots were made for sitting down, in a comfy chair

As a busy show season looms for George and Wendy and the yet-to-be-unveiled custom rebuild of their '04 Freightliner Coronado, Wendy talks a year's rest and her recent tough training regimen. "Sometimes, preparing for change is hard. And I've spent the last year pretty much sitting around on my big ol' butt, being comfortable and getting soft..."

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Updating the info on Dock411

Enhancements to the Dock411 app for crowd-sourcing/vetting shipper and receiver dock and other info are coming at MATS 2018.

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Mailbag: Split sleeper-berth option high on haulers’ hours wish list

The large majority of reader respondents you’ll hear in this mailbag edition of the Overdrive Radio podcast took the notion of a pause button for the 14-hour rule farther. It’s split rest, or split sleeper berth period flexibility, that most want,

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Infrastructure fixes running out of gas

We can’t expect tomorrow’s dwindling fossil-fuel-powered vehicles to adequately fund already under-funded highways while the e-powered elite rides free.

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You can ‘plan’ on making my eye twitch

"Things that make my eye twitch, for a thousand, Alex," including recent articles about shippers "falling all to pieces because they're having a hard time getting freight covered during the post-ELD adjustment period. ... They should have planned better."

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Let the 14-hour conversations … begin?

'Continue' rather than 'begin' is probably the best word to describe what's been at the forefront of hours-change debate for years now. Voices here following OOIDA's lodging of a petition to the FMCSA to add an up-to-three-hour off-duty pause to extend the clock.

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Bring your nap mat, but don’t worry about the driving experience

Uber's ride-hailing app gets all DOT on its drivers: "The professionally-licensed career drivers know the dangers on the road and making a bunch of Ubers take a nap isn't going to increase safety nearly as much as training and education" could ...

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‘100 percent OK’ to bring up detention before you get off the phone

'Don't leave money on the table,' redux -- that sentiment could increasingly include examinations of revenue and income per hour in your business' accounting and analysis to help determine effective detention rates in broker/shipper negotiations.

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Who knew infrastructure would be so hard?

"You can put lipstick on a pig, but you can't make it drink." Let's try that again: "We can't keep stitching together the sow's ear of an infrastructure and expect trillion-dollar silk purse outcomes."

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In this latest edition of Overdrive Radio, Stephen Michaels talks about his informal ambassadorship from the trucking world to the motoring public via his live-feed webcam, which has yielded plenty individual dividends in motorist education and a turn in the perception of trucking.

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