The Haven

Wendy's parody of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" poem details an encounter with a local LEO tap tap tapping on the driver's door: "I'm here for sleep, and nothing more."

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New hub covers, more for Michael and Tammy Groom and their ‘Mothership’ 2012 KW T660

There's certainly more than just aesthetics driving the choice of the Vyper covers by American Truck Technology, Michael says. (They do look good, though.) An encounter with the head of the company led a little brand loyalty, of a sort...

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The difference between Facebook and regulatory comments

"People sure like to gripe on Facebook, ... at the Counter of Knowledge, and anywhere another human being may listen, but when it comes time for them to actually be able to provide some recorded, sanctioned, discussions ..."

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What ELDs might mean for owner-operator gross revenue in flatbed

With recent speculation that the "mother of all capacity shortages" may not materialize with ELDs, necessarily, one owner-operator's experience making the transition a couple years back.

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Is that a chuck roast in your purse, or are you just happy to see me?

Why no, Wendy tells the questioner -- only top round for this discerning shopper. Sometimes, catching a Goodwill 50-percent-off sale is hard.

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Minute to midnight: Clock running out for speed limiters’ first public comment

"It is obvious to me that the majority of drivers use the speed limiter setting to determine their minimum driving speed," not the maximum. --Owner-operator Gary Buchs in his comment to the speed-limiter rule proposal docket, which closes Dec. 7 at 11:59 p.m -- late Wednesday night.

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Deciphering Trump and the trade winds

Many U.S. truckers have feared the impending hordes of reckless Mexican drivers and the loss of U.S. driving jobs. So far, such concern appears overblown and misplaced. You could say the same for Trump’s rhetoric about isolating us from trading partners who have helped fuel America’s economic engines, including the trucking industry.

Read More and driver-songwriters raising funds to help deliver driver back home

Brotherhood of the highway: Part of the goal of an ongoing collaborative auction among four driver-songwriters intended to benefit the worthy organization, after a fellow hauler passed in Gallup, N.M.

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Notes on possible alien abductions

"It's stressful living near the only widely-known storage facility for captive aliens. Wright Patterson Air Force Base is probably designated by spacemen far and wide as the Guantanamo of the Milky Way."

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Do you carry CVSA’s out-of-service criteria book?

Former inspector/officer Andy Blair argues the book is anyone's best resource for challenging an out-of-service violation -- and an effective tool for other challenges as well. If only its electronic version was free, readers note...

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