Credit (or lack thereof) for clean, redux: Overdimensional haulers in inspectors’ crosshairs over visible violations

oversized hauler at an inspection station

That seems to have been the recent experience of an owner of a manufactured housing dealer in Washington State who transports units to customers with three mobile home toters, also utilizing some light-duty trucks. "80 percent of the time I'm inspected," inspectors seem to have cherry-picked him for inspection for something visible. Routine, otherwise clean inspections are too few and far bewteen.

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Will it take a disaster to truly fix driver training?

trucking school in depth training

The recent Humboldt Hockey team bus collision with a tractor-trailer in Saskatchewan with devastating results, including more than a dozen fatalities, has elevated discussions around proper driver training and highway safety across Canada. The U.S. pre-CDL training rule is in place, though not fully effective. Training remains a serious safety issue.

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Blockchain to undergird GoLoad payments

logo for konexial's my20 goload

GoLoad is provided as an optional service to Konexial’s My20 ELD, dynamically matching drivers with extra hours and capacity with available loads from shippers. Shippers and carriers utilizing the platform agree to dynamic fuel pricing based on current prices, $200 an hour for detention beyond 90 minutes, and prompt load payment on POD.

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Multiple-calculator app for dump owners

The Dump Truck Math app was designed with estimators, foremen and truck owners in mind and includes three core calculators, cheats aimed to arrive at accurate rates per ton or cubic yard, number of trucks needed, and haul cost difference between two sites.

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California Supreme Court: Law favors employee driver classification over independent contractor status

The California Supreme Court on Monday issued a ruling outlining loose criteria by which carriers should determine whether a driver is an employee — and thereby entitled to certain benefits and  protections granted by California labor laws — or an independent contractor, and thereby not subject to requirements like minimum wage and meal and rest breaks, among other benefits.

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How the two basic types of ELDs operate

There are two basic types of electronic logging devices: dedicated units and smartphone/tablet-based apps. Here's a look at how they operate, and which may be a better fit for your operation.

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Heck of a time to be a flatbedder: High demand indicators on offer in this week’s spot update

All that dark green in the map? That means flatbedders utilizing DAT load boards have been busy, with a serious imbalance between the number of posted flatbed loads and the number of posted available trucks. What's more: It’s been that way since winter and the ELD mandate's inception.

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Parking since the ELD mandate — what have you seen?

Have you seen greater parking stresses since the ELD mandate came into play? Dial our podcast line at 530-408-6423 to weigh in with a message. From his perspective, awareness of the parking problem, certainly, has risen as a result, says Delaware Sgt. Walter Newton. Also a reminder: A smartphone app alone will not get you to all the way to an ELD ...

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Bypass wars in Mo.: State auditor finds conflicts of interest among issues limiting competition in weigh-station bypass

A unique arrangement in the state, where PrePass' parent nonprofit HELP Inc. wholly owns weigh-in-motion equipment deployed there after a $21 million investment, however, also appears to have played a significant role in the Drivewyze service's delay there, among other issues.

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POLL: Do you use a weigh-station bypassing system?

Weigh bypass inspection station officer behind desk

Are weigh-station bypassing systems worth the expense? This new poll probes the extent of bypass use among owner-operators.

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