Spot market: Mixed bag for flatbed, dry van, reefer

Surging van freight in the Southeast post-Matthew fell off as flatbed picked up there last week. Reefers were in demand in markets along the Mexican border with produce coming north.

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The new app will replace the existing ITS Trucker mobile app and allows carriers to see load details and pick-up and drop information, as well as submit check calls directly.

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Cargo thefts in California up 40 percent year-over-year, down across U.S.

The 201 cargo thefts, however, are a 9 percent decrease from 2015’s third quarter, CargoNet reports. These thefts decreased in most states, according to the firm, but California saw a 40 percent increase in year-over-year cargo thefts with 59 reported thefts.

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Truckers with high BMI would be forced into apnea screening under FMCSA committee recommendations, drivers respond

The committees recommend FMCSA require certain truckers to be screened for sleep apnea based on their BMI and other risk factors. Truckers with a BMI of 33 or higher would also be subject to screening if they meet three other qualifiers, a list that includes being male and being older than 42 -- a large demographic among truckers.

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MyRiteLoad shipper-carrier connection platform — no freight for the time being, company says

Another shipper-carrier connection platform subscription refunded. head, however, says he's more than ever committed to pursuit of goal to "eliminate the brokers" and excess commissions on freight transactions.

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Two weeks remain to comment on proposed speed limiter rulemaking

The comment period for the rule expires at the end of the day Monday, Nov. 7. The rule would require trucks weighing more than 26,000 pounds to use speed limiting devices, but it didn’t specify a speed to which the trucks would be governed.

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FTC claims carrier services companies misrepresented themselves toward securing fees from owner-operators

The FTC says James Lamb's and tricked small business truckers into paying unnecessary federal and state registration fees by pretending to be associated with the Department of Transportation or other agencies. Lamb strongly questions FTC tactics.

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ELD mandate: Small fleet owner urges Congress to reconsider, more voices on the mandate

"It’s high time for our government officials to start using some common sense by listening to the voices of experience who know what they are talking about. It’s time to reconsider this mandate to the benefit of all." --Z-Tranz small fleet owner David Morin, based in Morganton, N.C. BONUS; New mailbag podcast on the mandate.

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Trucking industry stakeholders voice concerns about Rhode Island’s toll plan

“The trucking industry and related entities – including truck stops and travel centers – will suffer greatly from a discriminatory truck-only toll,” said Chris Maxwell, president of the Rhode Island Trucking Association.

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Major maritime carrier woes could propel truckload rates in some lanes

Data from loadboard DAT reveals lane-specific effects since Hanjin’s late-August bankruptcy. Key lanes out of the Los Angeles market have seen rates spike in recent weeks as load-to-truck ratios soared on the heels of Hanjin ships docking and unloading at L.A.-area ports.

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