Todd Dewey discusses Darrell Ward, upcoming ‘Ice Road Truckers’ season in podcast finale

In the finale of this podcast series with Todd Dewey, the Ice Road Trucker touches on his friendship with the late Darrell Ward, the upcoming season of the show and more.

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FMCSA calls for 25 percent of truckers to be drug tested in 2017

The agency announced Tuesday that carriers will be required to randomly test at least 25 percent of their drivers in the calendar year. This requirement includes owner-operators leased to carriers.

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Dec. 15 Obamacare deadline, new health option from NAIT

"TrumpCare" could be some time coming. For now, Dec. 15 is the deadline to purchase health insurance via the state and federal exchanges to ensure coverage begins Jan. 1 and you avoid 2017 tax penalties. A new option for some to avoid the penalty is NAIT's AlieraCare group.

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‘Close call’ with Colin Young and his dashcam outside metro Denver

SB on I-25, "headed into the Denver Metro area," after another tractor-trailer passed Young, an impatient motorist "going too fast nearly wrecked while making an unsafe lane change."

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One20 updates app, announces availability of trucker-focused tablet at TA/Petro stores

Routing app One20 has announced its operator-focused One20 Tablet is now available for purchase at all TA and Petro stores nationwide. The tablet costs $399 and comes with a truck-safe mount, charger and protective case.

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TV network for truckers to launch in Jan.

The Transportation Nation Network (TNN) will launch via its website on New Year's Day this coming year. The network bills itself as a "video streaming platform dedicated to the trucking industry."

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‘Movin’ On’ moves on to video streams

Remastered episodes of “Movin’ On” have been released for streaming. The '70s TV series featured team drivers roaming the country, stumbling into other people’s problems and helping solve them.

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Podcast: Todd Dewey talks ‘Ice Road Truckers’ audition, behind-the-scenes action

In part two of a three-part podcast series, "Ice Road Truckers" star Todd Dewey talks to Truckers News about his unconventional audition for the show and offers a peek behind-the-scenes of the show.

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DOT calls for train operators to be screened for sleep apnea, FMCSA holding off

FMCSA and the Federal Railroad Administration worked together on a sleep apnea rulemaking earlier this year, but FRA is already making recommendations to have train operators screened for apnea during their DOT-required exams. FMCSA says it will not follow FRA's lead -- yet.

Read More and driver-songwriters raising funds to help deliver driver back home

Brotherhood of the highway: Part of the goal of an ongoing collaborative auction among four driver-songwriters intended to benefit the worthy organization, after a fellow hauler passed in Gallup, N.M.

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