Truckers driving rentals for eight days or fewer exempt from ELDs

Under the terms of the exemption, drivers will still be subject to the hours-of-service rules and must maintain paper logs for the current and prior seven days, if required. Drivers must also keep a copy of the rental agreement in the truck to show law enforcement.

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Lawsuit claims DOT board failed to disclose public meeting about carrier fees

The Small Business in Transportation Coalition filed a federal suit Sept. 27, claiming the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the UCR board failed to provide a formal seven-day public notice to alert trucking stakeholders and the public about the meeting and its time and location.

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Fatigue’s fast track: How fleets’ private eyes are monitoring drivers

Video cameras, evolving with facial reading and paired with other data, are delivering many a safety manager’s holy grail – real-time fatigue detection.

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Why is CARB ignoring its own emissions data in push to ban traditional engines?

“It’s no secret that California has been going its own way on emissions. That’s not the point here. The point is that the internal combustion engine, by CARB’s own admission, is far superior to that of an electric powertrain in terms of its carbon intensity score."

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Broad, sweeping statements are all poppycock

After last week's anti-ELD mandate demonstrations: "'You can't get two truckers to agree the sky is blue.' Honey, hush. I guess that broad, sweeping statement can be put to rest."

Read More offering online database of ‘vetted’ ELD providers

The list of vetted providers will grow, says, but currently includes Glostone Trucking Solutions (seller of GeoTab), GPS Insight, HOS-Reporter, JJ Keller, KeepTruckin and Omnitracs.

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Group of D.C. demonstrators parks up near the White House

Twenty-nine bobtail trucks staged in the wee hours on Constitution Avenue between the Washington Monument and the White House today in an attempt to garner the attention of the President on the electronic logging device mandate.

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Threat of Tropical Storm Nate prompts HOS waivers in Alabama, Florida

As of Friday morning, the storm is forecast to reach hurricane status before it makes landfall along the Gulf Coast over the weekend.

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The double-billion burger they refuse to eat

"Pro-ELD propaganda does not address the true safety issue in the industry, and that is the sense that every driver is disposable. There's always another. (Thin mint, sir? No thank you. Bring me a bucket.)"

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From the scene in D.C. and around the country as grassroots groups press against the ELD mandate

This week's Overdrive Radio podcast: Anti-ELD demonstrators in D.C. met with officials at FMCSA offices Thursday after spending Wednesday spread across the city in small groups. Tony Justice on tactics. A sampling of calls from around the country about events this week.

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