VA medical examiners land easier path to National Registry

Stethoscope positioned on an American flag

Certified VA medical examiners will only allowed to conduct medical exams and issue Medical Examiner’s Certificates to truckers who are military veterans enrolled in the VA healthcare system.

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ELD impacts, take 3,456,891: Talking paid reserved parking, hurry-up dynamics, training and more with owner-op Carolyn Carroll

In this Overdrive Radio podcast edition, Carroll offers something of a practical counterpoint to the many who would shout down the ability to reserve spots -- and pay for the privilege. The five-foot-four owner-op also offers thoughts on the dynamics of being a woman among a largely male-dominated profession.

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Providing real-time counts of parking spaces

The three major truck stop chains are developing systems that allow drivers to check smartphone apps or web portals to see where parking is available.

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Senate omits ELD reprieve for livestock haulers, driver breaks provision in DOT spending bill

Unlike its House counterpart, the Senate’s 2019 DOT appropriations bill is void of trucking policy reforms, chiefly an extension of the ELD waiver granted to livestock haulers and the so-called Denham Amendment, a provision to block states from enforcing meal and rest break laws for truck operators.

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FMCSA to explore autonomous truck regs in upcoming listening session

Man in a blue shirt behind the wheel of a semi-truck

Trucking industry stakeholders are invited to participate in a public listening session later this month about regulations relating to the design, development, testing and integration of autonomous trucks.

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The Roadcheck effect: Vacations, business as usual and a growing violation category

There's evidence inspectors have tightened up on enforcing the periodic-inspection regulations, as overall violation numbers have risen substantially the last two years. Readers' reports on Roadcheck preps suggest activity to prevent such a violation, yet it might take another ounce or two for some to yield the cure.

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Fireworks haulers seek hours exemption for three more companies

The American Pyrotechnics Association has had an exemption that allows fireworks haulers to drive beyond their 14-hour on-duty clock after 10 consecutive hours off-duty for the last 11 Independence Day holiday periods. Currently, 50 of its member companies can operate under the exemption.

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Senate proposition would overhaul hours regs for livestock haulers; ELD parking reprieve slated for publication

Chief among the changes would be the expansion of livestock/insect haulers’ available drive time, potentially allowing them to drive up to 18 hours in a 24-hour period if operating within a 300-air-mile radius of the start of their on-duty period.

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Switchboard ELD operable for One20 F-ELD hardware owners

After One20 announced plans to suspend service to F-ELD customers as of later this month, Switchboard said F-ELD owners with an Android smartphone or tablet could simply download the free Switchboard ELD app (the company's ELD comes with no monthly fee), pair it with the compatible One20 hardware, and go on down the road.

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Could commercialization stem tide of rest area closures?

For years, states have closed rest areas temporarily or permanently as budget-cutting measures during funding crises. These continuing closures pose further setbacks to the availability of truck parking.

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