Hours of service and the need for flexibility: What docs, nurses and truckers have in common

Parallels in nursing and trucking hours regs and practices, as the debate over flexibility continues in both: "None of the issues regarding sleep-deprived safety will be solved with a one-size-fits-all rule, in any industry, as long as human beings are doing the jobs."

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Owner-operator Scott Reed, Rich Wilson and legislative influence on hours and ELDs

Owner-operator Scott Reed and TCRG Consulting's Richard Wilson stepped into the office of Ohio rep. Jim Jordan a week and a half ago to deliver a message on hours and ELDs. The main takeaway? Truckers need more flexibility.

Read More sets sights on ELD marketplace

After the coming discontinuation of its uDrove ELD, is committed to assisting customers in finding a new vendor individually and, as was revealed in conversation with Overdrive, collectively. The company is building an ELD marketplace for vetted companies to debut this summer.

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Getting into an ELD just got a little less expensive

The Continental VDO RoadLog dedicated e-logger isn't the only electronic logging device in the no-monthly-fee camp anymore. Introducing here two BYOD/smartphone-app-based ELDs that flip the BYOD pricing model on his head.

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FMCSA puts final nail in the coffin for restart regs

FMCSA confirmed the 2013 regulations on the 34-hour restart will not go back into effect. Not only did the drivers operating under the more restrictive regulations show no greater levels of safety, in some cases they were less safe, according to FMCSA’s summary of research performed on the regs.

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The trillion dollar debate: Can private toll roads significantly help highway funding crisis?

Trump’s plan for bolstering infrastructure funding with investments from the private sector could buoy the country’s ability to repair worn highways. It could also expand the number of toll roads in the U.S. But how can private money really fill the highway funding void?

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Truck OEMs, trucking orgs join in asking new EPA head to maintain clean diesel program

DERA offers rebates and grants to owners of diesel-powered equipment to aid in retrofitting older engines with more modern, lower emissions technology or in replacing older equipment all together. Trucking stakeholders hope to convince Pruitt of the program's merits.

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‘It’s trucker sense’: Industry groups rally behind nixing of 34-hour restart restrictions

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, American Trucking Associations, The Trucking Alliance and the Truckload Carriers Association all issued statements of support for and agreement with the study’s results Monday afternoon.

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34-hour restart study affirms less restrictive hours of service, buries 2013 regs

The results of a new study confirm that truckers’ 34-hour restarts will not require two 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. periods and will not be limited to once per week.

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A word to Congress, Trump administration on ELDs from Vance Vergon

Anybody else miss a 30-minute break this week? Here's hoping everyone's getting a longer break this weekend. Take a load off with a note to Congress from Vance Vergon and a run back through recent ELD news.

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