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Truck driver for governor: “Singin’ Sam” Little’s Alaska campaign song

| April 20, 2010

Since I blogged about “Singin’ Sam” Little’s campaign launch for the governship of the northernmost U.S. state, Little (pictured, left, with his wife, Denise, and Pat Holt) has been laying the groundwork for the run, part of which included a visit to my home city of Nashville, Tenn., where he met Tennessee’s Lieutenant Governor, recorded a new campaign record at Pat Holt’s studio and picked up what is fast on its way to becoming his campaign coach, a Prevost, made over by the folks at NiteTrain Coach here. He’ll be on the Republican primary ballot in Alaska in August, and from the way he tells it, currently he’s neck and neck in the polls with the three or four other candidates.

I met him out at the Rush Peterbilt location off I-24 in Smyrna where he was kind enough to give me a little early demo of his campaign theme song, posted below. Stay tuned to the blog and the pages of Truckers News for more about him, or visit his website here.

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