Trucker Buddy announces January’s Buddy standout

| May 11, 2012

January Trucker Buddy of the Month Roy Sewell teaches a third grade class in Dublin, Ohio, a brief geography lesson.

Roy Sewell has been named the January 2012 Trucker Buddy of the Month by Trucker Buddy International. Sewell was nominated by his teacher, Michele Chilenski, and the third-grade class he has made regular visits to for the past two years.

The class is a part of Olde Sawmill Elementary in Dublin, Ohio, and has had the opportunity to learn about trucks, tour the inside of Sewell’s rig and learn about work ethic and responsibility.

Sewell attended the class Veteran’s Day program and a class field trip, as well as sending the class treats on Halloween. Chilenski said Sewell replies to every question the students have individually, includes examples to help the students learn, and taught the students geography.

For more information, visit Trucker Buddy International.

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