Royal Purple’s fluids lineup

| February 02, 2017

Royal Purple’s Commercial and Fleet Vehicle product line features proprietary technologies including Synerlec and Synslide and is formulated for over-the-road trucking, construction vehicles, tractors, mining, agriculture and off-road vehicles.
• Syndraulic is a clean long-lived high-efficiency hydraulic system fluid designed to increase reliability and longevity.
• Syntractor III with Synerlec is high-film-strength multi-purpose fluid recommended for tractors with a common fluid reservoir for the transmission, hydraulics and brakes. A Winter Grade variant is available for cold climates.
• Max-Tane diesel fuel additive is formulated to provide cetane boost, anti-gelling, detergency and lubrication for the entire diesel fuel system. It is suitable for light- and heavy-duty use and is compatible with all diesel and biodiesel fuels.
• Purple Ice HD coolant system optimizer supplement helps prevent cavitation and cylinder wall erosion, increase heat transfer and provide corrosion protection.
• Ultra Performance Grease is a multipurpose grease formulated with proprietary SynSlide high-film-strength additive technology. UPG is suited for wheel bearings, u-joints and lubricated chassis points.

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