Trump’s progress report: Favorable to mixed for readers

| February 16, 2018

About seven in 10 respondents to polling at generally give positive marks to Donald Trump for his first year as president, though the third who clearly support him also qualify that endorsement with regret for his doing nothing about the electronic logging device mandate, which reached enforcement stage in late 2017.

How are you feeling about Trump’s first year in office?

Bob R., commenting under the poll among the 29 percent of respondents with a negative view, took the familiar criticism a step further: “He screwed the truck drivers by doing nothing about the ELD mandate … and then screwed all the company drivers in the nation by taking away our days-out expenses, and nobody is taking notice! Unbelievable!”

A smaller share of readers (24 percent) were solely positive, such as one commenting as “Dannyboy” under the poll: “He is doing great with what he’s got to work with. 7 more years of taking names and kicking” you-know-what. “I will support this president as long as he is at the White House.”

FMCSA has a new boss: Senate confirms Martinez to run agency under Trump

Testifying before a panel of U.S. Senators in October, Martinez said he intends to uphold the agency’s electronic logging device mandate and institute data-driven reforms ...

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