Weather Co. launches ground-transport weather dashboard

| May 19, 2017

The Weather Company, part of IBM, recently introduced a new Operations Dashboard for Ground Transportation,, which will deliver real-time weather information for planning purposes to drivers, dispatchers and distribution-center manager via custom software APIs. The dashboard, which can be customized to fit a particular fleet’s needs, includes information on weather and road conditions, including precipitation, wind, fog, ice and pooling water. The dashboard also integrates real-time traffic flow and incident data, and flags safety hazards.

Snapshot of the Weather Company’s new dashboard, though which dispatchers can set up individualized alerts of approaching hazards that are delivered to an in-cab or mobile device. This alerting capability can track a driver’s trajectory and send alerts based on approaching weather. Weather updates can come in as frequently as every five minutes and down to a 500-meter resolution.

“By providing freight and logistics companies with a single view of critical weather and traffic information, we are providing them with the ability to make proactive decisions that can reduce inefficiencies and potentially keep their drivers out of harm’s way,” said Mark Gildersleeve, Weather Company vice president and head of business solutions. “With the right insight, companies can be prepared to make proactive decisions.”

Dispatchers will gain “access to a comprehensive dashboard of the network of vehicles and locations, with a view of relevant weather, traffic, and safety information on each route,” the company says. And drivers “will receive live, location-based alerts for current locations and upcoming locations based on current trajectory. Drivers will also have the ability to check weather and traffic while planning the day’s travel and during breaks.”

Severe weather prompts another hours of service suspension in GA

The order loosens hours-of-service regulations for drivers in 16 counties in the state hauling fuel or loads helping the relief effort.

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