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Todd Dills

10 benefits of EOBRs

| June 30, 2012
  • Don Lanier

    Ten Good Reasons I dont need a EOBR…
    1- I can do a paper log in less time
    2- I can round up to the Minute BUT WHY
    3- Paper Logs are far cheaper
    4- EOBRS are expensive and it can break
    5- If the scale Inspector cant figure out my paper log hes a FAIL anyway.
    6- Electronic devices can be manipulated
    7- So the object is to make SURE we drive MORE with the ADDED minutes those dispatchers find.
    8- Ive got a Laptop and a Smart phone, GPS and dont need more E Devices.
    9- EOBRS can be used to make drivers move even when there tired.
    10- EOBRS are an un-necessary and burdensome device.

  • Dan

    1.I bet you cant do your paperlog faster
    2.more minutes=more miles thats why
    3.cheaper in the short term but over a career not counting tickets for log violations its still more expensive first install its expensive but its a one time cost and no more log violation tickets
    5.noone said the inspector couldnt figure out s paperlog
    6.they arent able to be manipulated without a obvious trail,unlike your paperlog which is very easy to manipulate

    7.i prefer more miles,it means more money
    8.if you have all that whats one more device to make your life easier?
    9.I have yet to see a truck move without a driver and that driver hopefully can think for himself ’nuff said
    10.unnecessary? If thats the case then we dont need paperlogs either. Burdensome? Less so than your old paperlog!

    Im a o/o leased to a flatbed carrier who has used Elogs over a year now and I wouldnt go back to paper if they offeted so long as elogs was still available. Its made my logging faster,easier and more accurate. Our rates have went up and detention time cut almost to nothing as customers are now given a very accurate report of how long we were at their docks and charged accordingly. Amazing how the threat of actually having to pay detention can motivate a customer to be quicker.

  • Don Lanier

    If you do your Paper log the way the law dictates its done each time yopu make a dutys status change, you dont wait all day…why do I need a DEVICE

    More Minutes, SO now I cant stop where I choose, I need to drive to the very last minute making sure the COMPANY gets every mile, but now im sitting on an exit ramp instead of at a truck stop.

    Ive never had a ticket for a log violation, EVER I dont need a DEVICE to make that happen.

    I dont need the expense Id rather buy new Steer tires then some E Logger tires make me safe, what does this do.

    EOBRS are electronic they can and will be manipulated, HACKED or manipulated this will happen, when a few more MINUTES are desired, just add them…

    If I cant make enough money running 700 miles a day, Ill find another job, MORE miles than that are exactly what these companies want.

    “ONE MORE DEVICE” that tells me when to park or when to drive I think not.

    If you have an EOBR youll move that truck when they say to or lose your job, youll park when it says PARK, and thats exactly my point if the drivers Skill and decision making is circumvented then hire MONKEYS.

    ELOGS are one thing they arent EOBRS, I use a ELOG off my laptop, it doesnt say youve got 14 more minutes of drive time today keep moving, or it 3 am your restart is over start driving, I and Im sure many many others will not approve of the technology or the way its used.
    When they BEEP the qualcomm to wake you, or message you, The EOBR will be used to Prod you , move you and stop you when they see fit.

  • Alex

    I’ve used e-logs for over a year now and I wouldn’t go back to paper. It’s much faster and my company has never asked to run to the very last minute. I’ve noticed that all the people I’ve talked to that don’t want the eobr are the ones who have something to hide. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.