COSTS. Unless otherwise noted, all hard costs in this chart apply to a one-truck operator independent of any larger fleet and buying aftermarket. Prices vary with volume discounts and ancillary features. As noted, many providers offer lease options for hardware with prices bundled into service packages. Systems with hardware included in new trucks, including some built by these manufacturers, are not reflected.

Some systems use dedicated hardware. Others are “bring your own device” products, where software on operators’ smartphones or tablets are paired with a device that connects to the engine’s electronic control module. For such BYOD systems, all hardware and service costs associated exclude the cost of the smartphone/tablet paired with the ECM connection, unless otherwise noted. Any associated data plan charges are also not included.

COMPLIANCE WITH MANDATE. Most providers have said either that their product satisfies the ELD mandate or that it will before the mandate’s compliance date of Dec. 18, 2017, through software updates as opposed to new-hardware purchases. With any product, however, buyers would be well-advised to query them as to what to expect from the system now that the mandate’s specifications are publicly available.

Read all of our reporting on the mandate via this link.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration maintains an ELD device registry. Provided court challenges don’t derail the mandate, compliance with it will require truckers to utilize one of the listed devices. Products listed there are self-certified by the manufacturer as compliant. For ultimate enforcement of device specifications, FMCSA plans to rely on roadside enforcement and other intelligence to spur any investigation of any system’s compliance. However, the agency has committed to vetting the information provided by ELD providers before publishing their registration/certification to the registry to make certain basic information requirements have been met.

FEATURES. Devices included here as a general rule allow for electronic driver vehicle inspection reports, unit tracking for the back office or shippers and receivers, messaging and a variety of other features enabled by the electronic log’s connection to the engine’s electronic control module. Some exceptions to the rule exist in dedicated logging/DVIR devices with limited other functionality. Ancillary features listed do not include in most cases everything available from each provider company, and some features may require further investment in service packages and/or hardware.

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Provider Apollo Solutions ATS Fleet Management Solutions BigRoad Blue Ink Technology Blue Tree Systems CarrierWeb Cartasite Continental Dispatching Solutions DriverTech Eclipse Software E-Log Plus ELD Solutions EROAD Fleet Complete FleetUp Forward Thinking Systems Garmin International GeoSpace Labs Geotab Gorilla Safety GPS Insight HOS 247 HOS Reporter Hutch iGlobal ISE Fleet Services J.J. Keller KeepTruckin Konexial Linxup Load Logistics M2M in Motion MiX Telematics Mobile Warrior Navistar Nero Global Tracking Omnitracs Omnitracs One20 Pedigree Technologies Pegasus TransTech PeopleNet Quartix Rand McNally Rand McNally Rand McNally Simple Truck ELD Spireon Stoneridge Teletrac Navman Telogis Trucklogger TruxTrax Zed Connect Zonar
Device Name Apollo ELD ABW w/ ATS e-Track Certified DashLink ELD BIT ELD BT500 CarrierMate DriveTime VDO RoadLog DSI eLogs DT4000 Rev 7 RapidLog ELD-200 E-Log Plus ELDS EROAD ELD AT&T Fleet Complete HOS FleetUp Field Warrior Garmin eLog HG100 Geotab GO Gorilla Safety ELD ELD-2000 HOS 247 ELD & ELD Connect HOS Reporter-BT Mercury Edge MDT / Journey8 tablet eFleetSuite Encompass KeepTruckin My20 Linxup ELD Load Logistics TMS M2M018 MiX Rovi iDDL OnCommand Connection Nero Global Tracking MCP/IVG XRS F-ELD ELD Chrome Transflo ELD T7 eDriver Logs Electronic Logging from Quartix DC200 TND765 ELD50 Simple Truck ELD FleetLocate FL7 EZ-ELD Director Telogis WorkPlan Trucklogger 4.0 TruxBox ELD Zed ELD Zonar Connect
Type of Device BYOD | Android, iOS BYOD | Android BYOD | Android, iOS BYOD | Android, iOS BYOD | Android Dedicated unit | two options, Win-CE (5700) and Android (7000) OS BYOD | Android or paired with ruggedized tablet Dedicated unit Dedicated unit or BYOD | Android, iOS Dedicated unit BYOD | Android mobile device or Windows laptop BYOD | Android (iOS coming soon) or paired with ELP-branded Samsung tablet BYOD | Android or paired with dedicated tablet Dedicated unit BYOD | Android, iOS BYOD | Android, iOS BYOD | Android (iOS coming soon) w/ Field Warrior app | or paired with dedicated Garmin Fleet series BYOD | Android, iOS (also compatible with dēzl GPS navigators) BYOD | Android, iOS BYOD | Android, iOS BYOD | Android, iOS Dedicated unit BYOD | Android (iOS coming soon) or “ELD Connect” dedicated unit BYOD | Android, iOS | or paired with dedicated tablet Dedicated unit Dedicated units Dedicated unit BYOD | Android, iOS | or paired with dedicated J.J. Keller Compliance Tablet BYOD | Android, iOS BYOD | Android, iOS Dedicated tablets | Android, iOS options BYOD | Android tablets BYOD | Android (iOS coming soon) Dedicated unit BYOD | Android, iOS BYOD | Android, iOS BYOD | Android | or paired with dedicated Android tablet Dedicated units BYOD | Company- certified Android, Windows Mobile devices BYOD | Android, iOS Cab-Mate Open: BYOD, Android | Cab-Mate Connect: Dedicated unit BYOD | Android, iOS Dedicated units BYOD | Android tablets BYOD | Android | or paired with TND tablet Dedicated unit BYOD | Android | or paired with TND tablet BYOD | Android, iOS | tablet options available BYOD | Android, iOS BYOD | Android, iOS Dedicated unit BYOD | Android, iOS BYOD | Android, iOS BYOD | Android, iOS BYOD | Android, iOS Dedicated unit
Initial cost $0 with lease, $75 to purchase ECM-link $135 (includes first three months’ service, year of support) $0 with lease, option to bring own engine-connection hardware, with limits $295 $0 with lease/purchase over 3-5 years $749, lease options available $0 with lease, $500 approximately with dedicated tablet $700 or $0 lease option $450-$700, depending on hardware, capabilities $799 $299 $169 in BYOD configuration, higher with tablet $0 with 3-year hardware lease $0 with monthly plan $0 with lease $0 with lease $0 with lease $250 $0 with one-year service commitment, otherwise $99 $170 $175 $650 for ELD-2000 and GPS tracking device combination, rental options available BYOD: $0 with one-year service commitment, otherwise $69 | Dedicated: $149-$218 $0 $475, lease options available $499 and up, depending on configuration $575, lease options available $299 $0 with hardware lease $0 $100 with contract, $250 without $499 for adaptable engine relay $0 with lease-purchase $0 with lease $0 with lease, $175 $120 $0 with hardware lease, $200 or higher without $799 and up depending on model, lease options available $0 with hardware lease option $100, $80 for Samsung users $0 with lease, $599-$799 for dedicated unit, $299-$399 for BYOD solution $99 for hardware/harness $0 with lease option up to $2,000, depending on capabilities $79-$119, depending on available promotions $399, custom options available for larger fleets $699, custom options available for larger fleets $149 $0 $0 with lease $149 $0 with lease $0 with lease option up to $100 and more $99 $0 $200 Varies according to fleet size and options chosen
Ongoing lease or service fees per truck Monthly: $15-$40, depending on options Monthly: $15 Monthly: $15 per user, $10 per truck; $19.50 monthly for 1-2-truck OOs $0 Monthly: $20-$55, depending on options Monthly: $31 and lower Monthly: $15-$30 $0 for logs, DVIR, IFTA miles Monthly: $20 for ELD; $40 for ELD and GPS Monthly: $30 and higher, depending on options Monthly: $15-$35, depending on option package Monthly: $19 Monthly: $20 and higher in BYOD, $50 and higher dedicated Monthly: $35-$60 depending on options Monthly: $36 Monthly: $25 and higher Monthly: $20-$50 depending on device type $0 Monthly: $19 Monthly: $20-$30 approx. Monthly: $24 and higher Monthly: $34.95 and higher for ELD and GPS tracking software BYOD — Monthly: $17-$23, depending on options | Dedicated — $31-$37 Monthly: $15 (two years prepaid) or $18 (one year) Monthly: $19 and higher, depending on options Monthly: $25 and higher, depending options and configuration Monthly: $24 Monthly: $20 (or less with multi-driver discounting) Monthly: $20 for service Monthly: $20, or $10 with three-year commitment Monthly: $30-$50, depending on options Monthly: $25 and higher Monthly: $18 and higher Monthly: Varies with service plan/bundle Monthly: $15-$30 Monthly: $20 and higher Monthly: $20 and higher Monthly: $20 and higher Monthly: $18 and higher $0 Monthly: $20 and higher Monthly: $25-$31, depending on plan selected Monthly: $30-$60 for service, more with lease if applicable Monthly: $19.20-$22.20/month (or $4/month on top of InfoPlus tracking system subscription) Monthly: $25 and higher Monthly: $20 and higher Monthly: $15 and higher Monthly: $19 (first six months free, within limits) Monthly: $26.95 and higher, depending on add-ons Monthly: $15 | Annually: $150 Monthly: $45 and higher depending on options Monthly: $36 including hardware lease and up Monthly: $5 Monthly: $20 with one-year commitment, $25 month to month $0 Varies with service plan/features
Other capabilities beyond logs IFTA, AOBRD/ELD operating modes, signature capture, proactive notifications, back office integration, Canada/California/oilfield support IFTA, optional close support software. ELD ABW otherwise is a baseline compliance device. ATS provides e-Track Certified software that powers it. Document capture, sharing, engine diagnostics, back-office dispatch geared to small fleets Engine diagnostics, preventive maintenance Wi-Fi hotspot, driver scoring (in performance, safety, compliance, navigation, jobs workflow management, reefer temperature monitoring Driver/truck performance and engine diagnostics/preventive maintenance reporting, in-cab scanning, navigation; road segment speeding available at additional cost Variety of driver safety, fleet management functions possible Built-in thermal printer, real-time data transfer, fuel consumption, engine diagnostics, driver scorecard, integrated dispatch for small fleets GPS tracking, transport & order management, smart forms, alerts, geofencing, IFTA, device events, more Dashcam w/ critical-event-capture; navigation; integrations with some TMS, diagnostics and tire-inflation providers; smartphone app to link business processes to drivers Special pricing for current log-audit customers, IFTA, route tracking, phone lock, three-tiered compliance warnings IFTA, maintenance alerts, oilfield capable, auto-backup to cloud storage account, supports up to 6-driver slip seat IFTA, driver communication, geofencing, engine diagnostics, custom alerts, 100+ reports, third-party software integrations Electronic weight-mile tax, IFTA, IRP record-keeping; driver behavior reporting/management; maintenance, fuel and other management functions; geofencing and retrospective event tools Customizable for fleet management functions like dispatching and engine diagnostics, wi-fi hotspot capable Patented fuel waste analysis, e-maintenance, engine diagnostics, IFTA, geofencing, full fleet management solution Geofencing, maintenance tracking, driver scorecards, IFTA, systems integration, navigation, live-streaming cameras, signature/image capture, roadside assistance program IFTA, local transfer of logs via USB/Bluetooth during inspections, in-device storage, quick-glance compliance Maintenance resolution/tracking, paperless manifests and barcoding, dispatch, time-card functionality, route logging, signature capture, detention tracking/billing, mapping IFTA data collection, engine diagnostics, driver scorecards, safety/risk management functions, data integration for management, more custom adds from Geotab Marketplace IFTA, AOBRD and short-haul settings, driver accident reporting, document capture/management, fuel management, custom maintenance management, user permissions IFTA data collection, engine diagnostics, routing, hierarchy functions for larger fleets, suite of tailored GPS tracking solutions IFTA; compliance monitoring; document management; vehicle diagnostics; third party access for shippers, brokers and accountants; custom integrations with dispatch, routing and load boards IFTA data collection, AOBRD/ELD modes Wireless and satellite tracking options, IFTA, engine diagnostics, maintenance management, compliance/safety systems, tire pressure/trailer monitoring, signature capture, Canada/U.S. oilfield & utility service vehicle support, scorecards, geofencing, push-to-talk, navigation, more Edge MDT features ruggedized built-in scanner. Journey8: tablet paired with a wireless dongle to the ECM (optional scanner). 8- and 10-inch screens, a la carte pricing for options, IFTA, driver scorecards/settlements, engine diagnostics, push-to-talk cellular, TMS integrations (TMW, McLeod), more. IFTA data collection, compliance mapping, customizable Optional IFTA reporting, navigation, engine diagnostics, driver qualification, drug & alcohol management, accident tracking, training, recordkeeping IFTA, idle-time tracking, engine diagnostics, geofencing, driver scorecards, TMS integrations (TMW, McLeod) IFTA, simple install, control tower, dashboards, fuel options, navigation/mapping, patent-pending GoLoad truckload freight-matching AOBRD/ELD and reporting capabilities, IFTA, tracking/fleet management options IFTA, dispatch/load functions, engine connection easily transferred from truck to truck, engine diagnostics, lane analysis, customizable for small fleet management IFTA, engine diagnostics and other management capabilities, dashcam with critical-event capture and deliver, driver scoring, trailer tracking, mobile device management/lockdown capabilities, customizable depending on customer needs IFTA, geofencing, maintenance tools, driver/vehicle utilization tools, fuel/engine monitoring, journey management, integrated video cameras, distracted and fatigued driving monitoring, collision avoidance, mobile apps for driver gamification/work flow IFTA, touch-free driver ELD gauge, dispatch/load functions, document capture, time card and expense tracking with integration to accounting, DVIR w/ custom checklists by vehicle, real-time back-end admin portal for office, other custom settings Vehicle location tracking, geofencing, harsh braking acceleration, idle reporting, breadcrumb trails; error help and alerts of violations; IFTA; advanced vehicle diagnostics Engine diagnostics, fuel management, IFTA data collection, alerts and reports, geofencing, driver scorecards, maintenance module, more Engine diagnostics, mobile-based weigh station bypass, IFTA, in-cab scanning, truck navigation, geofencing, custom mobile forms, TMS integration, idle time tracking, video recording, simple installation, more Base service plan includes engine diagnostics and fuel-purchase and maintenance functions. Premium package includes IFTA and navigation with oilfield capability Base functionality for logs and DVIR, roadside mode password-protected IFTA, engine diagnostics standard. Expandable and customizable with fleet management functions, including dispatch, forms, job management, maintenance, tires, seatbelts, trailer tracking, temperature monitoring, TMS integrations, more. Base plan adds IFTA to common functionality, one-year warranty. Premium package: vehicle analytics, driver behavior insights, accident detection/reconstruction, lifetime warranty w/ upgrades. Customizable for fleet management functions, mobile-based weigh station bypass In addition to sophisticated tracking tools, fleet management functions (including dashboards), IFTA and more TMS integration, workflow, IFTA, mapping, analytics, engine diagnostics, cellular modem Truck-specific navigation, TMS integration, workflow, IFTA, mapping, analytics, diagnostics TMS integration, workflow, IFTA, mapping, analytics, diagnostics 24/7 support, IFTA, parking assistance, diagnostic data, load boards and roadside assistance, discounted fuel cards, available in Spanish IFTA, driver safety alerts/reports, driver scores, audible alerts, engine diagnostics IFTA, tamper resistance, “scan and drive” installation, 3 interchangeable on-board diagnostics (OBD) port connectors, sophisticated tracking/vehicle location, 6 months of on-device data storage, more IFTA, engine diagnostics, dispatch and messaging, safety analytics, workflow solutions, truck-based navigation, driver scorecards, TMS integration, guaranteed compliance with ELD specs Document capture, trip plan sharing, engine diagnostics and prognostics, more IFTA, per deim and load analysis reports IFTA, expense and fuel tracking/reporting, more Route management, fleet dashboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for dispatch, management, operational functions; camera; navigation; Android compatibility; over-the-air updates
On FMCSA ELD registry? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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