60-day comment period for e-log mandate too short, CVSA says, requests 30-day extension

XRS in-vehicle EOBR moduleThe Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has asked the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to give stakeholders an extra 30 days to submit comments on the agency’s proposed electronic logging device mandate, citing the complexity and significance of the rule as reasons.


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CVSA Executive Director Stephen Keppler in a formal letter to the agency May 7 made the request to push the current May 27 deadline back to June 26.

“This is a complex and significant rulemaking, for both the state enforcement agencies and the commercial motor vehicle industry,” the letter states, and all parties involved need time to vet and evaluate the rule and give feedback, Keppler writes.

The public comment period is 60 days long and began on the March 28 publication date of the agency’s Supplemental Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. CVSA says 60 days is not long enough “to develop and submit a comprehensive set of comments,” according to the letter.


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FMCSA has not yet responded to the request. Click here to read CVSA’s letter.

To comment on the proposal, visit regulations.gov and use the docket number FMCSA-2010-0167. Comments can also be mailed to oira_submissions@omb.eop.gov using the subject line Attention: Desk Officer for FMCSA, DOT. They can also be faxed to 202-395-6566.

  • guest

    This ELOG is already a DONE DEAL….truckers can “comment” all they want…their is HUGE MONEY riding on this BULLCRAP. Every truck in America will PAY for this MONITORING DEVICE?? Do the Math…..some truckers comment damn sure aint goin to stand in the way. Insurance Companies DEMAND these too…it brings down their liability in a CRASH.
    This “extension” is a pat on the head for truckers and a nice carrot for the donkey drivers…before they ram this up his rear….lol

  • guest

    It says here we can “comment on the proposal”??? How hilarious….yep you can comment but like ALL THE OTHER rules they have FORCED down our throats…..it wont do any good….you can “comment” but may as well save your breath….just like COPS in the chicken coops…they will just LAUGH at you and all the Cops will High Five each other as you are driving away with some FAT citations for bogus crap….

  • shortchange

    Washington is good for forcing this on the people all
    they have do is make it a law. If the government can
    do the vets the way they are doing well what chance
    does the Truckers have. If they want you to do some
    thing they just make it a law.

  • lastgoodusername

    already done deal. no need to extend anything.

  • guest

    Yep they will offer an appeasement so drivers dont Riot…and extra 30days and THEN these cops will slam this “legislation” deep into the rear of every trucker in America….is all a GAME…inch by inch…next is the CAMERAS…next is Speed Limiters…….hello CSA…the beginning of the NEW totalitarian authority in trucking……much SAFER SAFER SAFER..if the driver/boy/servant/low paid dope is completely Monitored and Observed 24/7……..executives approve……but offer no PAY INCREASE for the added Scrutiny, Stress, and multitude of FILES that are NOW being kept on every truck driver…via CSA…..THE NEW TRUCKING.

  • guest

    10-4…..more of this CRAP on the way too.

  • martymarsh

    They found a gold mine in the word SAFETY.

  • Transport diva

    I hope all the hardcore truckers stay home and strike and shut this bullshit down … Truckers need to make the law makers suffer for about 3 weeks.!!! Stand up and shut Anerica down !!! Show these who runs this country!!!

  • leebeaver

    that is exactly what needs to happen, regulations are KILLING AMERICA!!!!

  • pupeperson

    With paper logs, there’s a whole lot of extra-legal but safe driving going on that’s gonna get flagged by the ELD’s. For instance, there’s a huge blizzard coming in but the book says I’m supposed to stop on the wrong side of a major metropolitan area instead of driving an extra hour or so and getting clear of it. Anybody remember Atlanta last winter? Same thing in WY — I’m gonna stop on the wrong side of Elk instead of getting out of the mountains? Maybe the wrong side of Flagstaff or any number of other locations we all know? I’m wide awake and the roads are traffic free, dry and dusty & they want me to wait for the blizzard? I know, they think that’s safer, but the however many millions of safe miles under my butt attest otherwise.

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