75 owner-operator spots open

| August 02, 2013

OnTrac, an overnight delivery company, has new lease opportunities for 75 owner-operators. The company is hosting an open house along with 15 area transportation companies at its Fontana, Calif., operating facility Aug. 3 at 11 a.m. The open house will offer owner-operators the opportunity to discuss opportunities the companies currently have available in the San Diego, Ontario, Los Angeles, Burbank and Bakersfield areas. For more information on the open house or the job openings, contact ontracrecruitment@ontrac.com.

  • No Reform

    Must be Bi Lingual……Trabajo Para Choferes..see Pedro.

  • Mike Smith

    I grew up next door to Fontana, CA, a trucking community, because there was plenty of room to park trucks, & park them at home too. I went there all the time. It was a great little place to go to & think about truck driving. Now it is a stinking $hit whole, overcrowded with the Mexicans who have invaded our country, (out breed us having 6 kids paid for by our taxes), & taken our territory. All you see is trucks with Mexican family names on them. All you have to do is drive through Fontana to know what I’m saying is true.

    And one other thing the Mexicans run Fontana to AZ driving down our rates, because they are willing to live much cheaper than Americans.

  • No Reform

    So TRUE….all thru the Southwest is mostly meheecan owned trucks..old junkers….Spanish name on the door…some “logistics” company name on there….driver always looks like he just hopped the fence…..the industry is basically destroyed today.

  • No Reform

    ..bring all your personal identification and give it to Pepe.
    We will call u if we needs a Chofer………

  • No Reform

    Se habla Espanyol???? real helpful…..no citizenship paper required…will work for Fake Logistics Inc.

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