POLL: What strategy would most effectively deal with flood of migrant children?

| July 08, 2014

  • localnet

    This is simple, DEPORT, DEPORT, DEPORT! No hearings, no lawyers, etc. Give them a tortilla and send them back. Most of these “children” are gang bangers, along with people coming from every country in the world.

    We also have new strains of drug resistant TB coming in with these invaders. If you catch this HIGHLY communicable disease you either survive or die. If you survive, you will carry this the rest of your life, and more than likely it will eventually flare up and kill you.

    Then we have Ebola. People are coming from these infected parts of Africa, more than likely it is already just across the border or already here. Be very careful out there people, wash your hands every chance you get. Watch the restroom facilities, maybe carry some bleach in the truck. Both Ebola and TB can live in the wild for days, in other words on surfaces like toilet seats and door knobs. This is nothing to mess with.

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