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Correcting the personal-conveyance record

Answering Russ Hoffman's question: "Are you sure that Personal Conveyance requires that you not have a load or trailer? I believe the regulation is Unladen (unloaded) with an empty trailer ...

Truckers who carry, and one who doesn’t, detail their reasons

Most truckers favor the right to carry a weapon on the road. Even those who don’t often say they stand by the old saying: “I’d rather be judged by 12 ...

Truckin’ Runners Virtual 5K Oct. 24-30 to benefit St. Christopher fund

The event, providing a "virtual" twist on the traditional 5K (3.1-mile) road race, is in its third year from the increasingly active Truckin' Runners Facebook group for mutual support/encouragement in ...

‘The most important safety feature in any truck? The professional driver’

Jeff Clark's video message to the next president of the United States: Think outside of the box and reward companies that keep their drivers by treating them like the professionals ...

Stories from the road

The night Bret Michaels' t-shirt was hijacked -- and other truck-show-told tales to best those passed around the Counter of Knowledge.

The driver shortage alarm

The disconnect between the money and the mantra: As trucking has trumpeted a driver shortage over most of the last 10 years driver pay hasn’t risen in a way that ...

Counting down the hours to 2016: The Channel 19 year in review, part 1

We've got a full 14-hour clock's worth of on-duty time, and more, left yet, so check back tomorrow and on New Year's Eve for the second and third parts of ...

‘Virtual 5K’ in the offing Oct. 26-31 from the Truckin’ Runners group

This "virtual" twist on the 5K competitive run requires no fee to register -- and "get this," notes organizer Jon Narron of Truckin' Runners, to participate it doesn't matter where ...

Reid Ribble, come on down… You’re the next contestant on ‘Will I Live to See the Other Side of that Bridge?’

Congressional move to increase truck weight on the national highway system to 91,000 lbs. with a sixth axle -- truckers as guinea pigs in safety experiment? ...

Truckers gather for fitness and fellowship in Dallas at the Fit for the Road 5K run/walk

The 5K offered "a goal to push me to a level I wouldn't achieve otherwise.... It's fantastic they are doing this." --owner-operator Gary Buchs on the GATS Fit for the ...

Learn healthy habits while attending GATS

To help truck drivers develop ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the 2015 Great American Trucking Show features the Landstar Fit For the Road Health and Wellness Pavilion.

‘Operation Truck Stop’ enforcement effort targets off-toll-road traffic in Northern Indiana

Of the recent enforcement blitz in northern Indiana, one trucker asks: Just another way to move more truckers to the Indiana Toll Road?

Results: Perfecting the ‘hours of service wish list’

With the hours of service rule continuing to dominate the national trucking-safety conversation, readers weigh in with a top-five of hours of service wish list items, change ideas to improve ...

Free the whale(s)

Wendy's baby-pool side-yard refuge holds a hidden danger... "It'll be good to be back on the road."

‘Don’t run into stuff’: FMCSA chief’s should-be No. 1 message

Who's leading the dance between the driver and technology in advocates' safety focus in today's world? One owner-operator emphasizes a simple safety message for the next administrator.

Trucking Solutions Group launches fund-raiser for mobile mammography

Attendant to a variety of free health screenings for all driver-attendees and others at GATS this year, which the TSG has helped organization, the fund-raiser is to help cover costs ...

Jeff Clark is a good egg

Dust-up over an eating contest at MATS and the Bureau of Labor Statistics' prototypical driver yields insights: "I'm not a troublemaker, I'm a concerned citizen. Most of the time."

Jeff Clark for FMCSA Administrator? And: Lookback Tony Justice podcast

Operator Jeff Clark fires up the campaign machine, and a lookback podcast performance from Tony Justice -- Dave Dudley's "Six Days on the Road" and Justice's own "Who Needs Heaven."

Retention is the issue, not recruiting: An ‘alert’ from trucker Jeff Clark

Clark's personal story relative to pay, recruiting and retention on the new North American Trucking Alerts community, advocacy website.

Pay the drivers, already: Voices on the future of the industry

A letter from Robert W. Walker Jr. of Ohio, commentary from owner-operator Tilden Curl. Curl believes removal of the self-insurance option for motor carriers is key to driver value and ...