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Stories from the road

The night Bret Michaels' t-shirt was hijacked -- and other truck-show-told tales to best those passed around the Counter of Knowledge.

The driver shortage alarm

The disconnect between the money and the mantra: As trucking has trumpeted a driver shortage over most of the last 10 years driver pay hasn’t risen in a way that ...

Counting down the hours to 2016: The Channel 19 year in review, part 1

We've got a full 14-hour clock's worth of on-duty time, and more, left yet, so check back tomorrow and on New Year's Eve for the second and third parts of ...

‘Virtual 5K’ in the offing Oct. 26-31 from the Truckin’ Runners group

This "virtual" twist on the 5K competitive run requires no fee to register -- and "get this," notes organizer Jon Narron of Truckin' Runners, to participate it doesn't matter where ...

Reid Ribble, come on down… You’re the next contestant on ‘Will I Live to See the Other Side of that Bridge?’

Congressional move to increase truck weight on the national highway system to 91,000 lbs. with a sixth axle -- truckers as guinea pigs in safety experiment? ...

Truckers gather for fitness and fellowship in Dallas at the Fit for the Road 5K run/walk

The 5K offered "a goal to push me to a level I wouldn't achieve otherwise.... It's fantastic they are doing this." --owner-operator Gary Buchs on the GATS Fit for the ...

Learn healthy habits while attending GATS

To help truck drivers develop ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the 2015 Great American Trucking Show features the Landstar Fit For the Road Health and Wellness Pavilion.

‘Operation Truck Stop’ enforcement effort targets off-toll-road traffic in Northern Indiana

Of the recent enforcement blitz in northern Indiana, one trucker asks: Just another way to move more truckers to the Indiana Toll Road?

Results: Perfecting the ‘hours of service wish list’

With the hours of service rule continuing to dominate the national trucking-safety conversation, readers weigh in with a top-five of hours of service wish list items, change ideas to improve ...

Free the whale(s)

Wendy's baby-pool side-yard refuge holds a hidden danger... "It'll be good to be back on the road."

‘Don’t run into stuff’: FMCSA chief’s should-be No. 1 message

Who's leading the dance between the driver and technology in advocates' safety focus in today's world? One owner-operator emphasizes a simple safety message for the next administrator.

Trucking Solutions Group launches fund-raiser for mobile mammography

Attendant to a variety of free health screenings for all driver-attendees and others at GATS this year, which the TSG has helped organization, the fund-raiser is to help cover costs ...

Jeff Clark is a good egg

Dust-up over an eating contest at MATS and the Bureau of Labor Statistics' prototypical driver yields insights: "I'm not a troublemaker, I'm a concerned citizen. Most of the time."

Jeff Clark for FMCSA Administrator? And: Lookback Tony Justice podcast

Operator Jeff Clark fires up the campaign machine, and a lookback podcast performance from Tony Justice -- Dave Dudley's "Six Days on the Road" and Justice's own "Who Needs Heaven."

Retention is the issue, not recruiting: An ‘alert’ from trucker Jeff Clark

Clark's personal story relative to pay, recruiting and retention on the new North American Trucking Alerts community, advocacy website.

Pay the drivers, already: Voices on the future of the industry

A letter from Robert W. Walker Jr. of Ohio, commentary from owner-operator Tilden Curl. Curl believes removal of the self-insurance option for motor carriers is key to driver value and ...

Where and when deer strikes are most likely

If there is a season for deer strikes out on the highway, State Farm reminds us in a recent analysis of customer data, we're in it -- with the worst ...

Starting off the day right: TSG’s GATS Health Walk

The Trucking Solutions Group conducted its annual GATS Health Awareness Walk this morning, Aug. 23, with a sizable group of participants and a cool finish with Baylor Trucking's ALS ice-bucket ...

Don’t lick me, bro

Apocryphal -- maybe -- tale of face-licking as a form of gratitude yields an obsession: "I think I might have a mild complex regarding stranger licking now."

Group of OOIDA members, drivers issue letter to DOT in support of Anne Ferro

Citing regulatory efforts on detention pay and other compensation reform, CSA and other programs as beneficial, one group of OOIDA members comes out in support of FMCSA chief.