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Bill would put the brakes on Wireless Roadside Inspection

As with truck systems, inspections could see in relatively short order a future in which more happens with less human involvement. Recent draft DOT appropriations bill item seeks to curb ...

Restart rollback: Congress could take further action on hours regs, block insurance increase rule

A bill introduced in the U.S. House this week would is passed further entrench the suspension of certain 2013 hours-of-service rules and block the DOT from proceeding with a rule ...

Oregon: An edge on hours

The state of Oregon is known among owner-operators for more than its scenic mountain passes and rocky coast: Oregon’s weight-distance tax data sharpens its focus on log violations.

FMCSA to begin field testing wireless roadside inspection tech next year, looking for participants

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s testing of wireless roadside inspection technology will enter its third and final phase in December 2015, when it will over the course of a ...

Running in reverse: Channel 19 year in review, part 2

In the second third of the year, the hours of service took front and center, along with a bevy of spectacular rigs seen on the show circuit and elsewhere. Take ...

‘Wireless Roadside Inspection’ inches closer to reality

Mobile communications technology stands to transform the way truck inspections take place, with big implications for the CSA program and owner-operator businesses.

‘e-Inspection’ technology demonstrated in Maryland

Deployed by the Drivewyze bypass service provider with technology partners, hopes for so-called electronic inspections are that they'd ultimately by accepted by FMCSA as credit on a carrier's CSA profile. ...

Much to change, much to talk about: CSA

The August 2012 MCSAC meeting saw a robust debate centered around the CSA programs flaws and ways to correct them. Here find a few bright (and in some cases dark) ...

Stiff wind to pay the toll: The 2011 Channel 19 year in review

What better way to start the new year than with a look back on the previous? I did it last year, after all, so let's make it a tradition, how ...

Roadside Attractions

Chinese play hardball, a philanthropic gift, freight stabilizes and other industry news items are featured.

CSA Challenges

As the compliance program rolls out, complaints about inspections and law enforcement actions emerge, with questions of due process looming large.

Curtain falls on new scale house inspection technology, opens on EOBRs

I just finished a visit with Lieutenant James A. McKenzie and troopers at the Greene County, Tenn., scales on I-81, where  among other events I had the perhaps unfortunate occasion ...

Agency displays technologies

Demonstration showed technologies expected to help state law enforcement do truck inspections.