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Fighting tickets: Don’t forget DataQs to clear your PSP/CSA record

While prospective employers/lessors aren’t strictly required to use FMCSA's PSP reports to view prospective drivers’ roadside inspection violations and recordable crashes, plenty do. Any violation marked on an inspection report ...

Four truckers reach $260k settlement with J.B. Hunt after alleged religious discrimination

Carrier giant J.B. Hunt has reached a $260,000 settlement with four Sikh truckers who claim the carrier discriminated them based on their religious beliefs when they refused to cut their ...

Court rules PSP reports don’t violate driver privacy

In 2014, six truckers filed a class action suit, but the federal district court rejected arguments that FMCSA’s inclusion of less serious violations in PSP reports violates applicants’ privacy and ...

NTSB: More stringent drug screening needed for truck operators

NTSB found in its investigation of a fatal 2015 crash that the trucker at fault had illegally used methamphetamine before the crash occurred. The drug use should have been detected ...

Partners in Business: Choosing a trailer

Spec’ing smartly can increase your profits.

New Truckerline app offers drivers ability to manage career, reputation

Something of a "LinkedIn for truckers" with added business functionality for owner-operators, the Truckerline app's avaialble on iOS and Android.

Partners in Business: Owner-operator glossary

Trucking industry and business terms.

Partners in Business: Choosing a Trailer

According to Overdrive research, most independent owner-operators already own their own trailers, as do around half of leased owner-operators.

Kenny Capell’s obstruction of justice case at the scale house, in his own words

Capell hopes it becomes common practice in law enforcement to better respect the job trucking professionals do by refraining from waking sleeping codrivers absent reasonable suspicion.

Court denies FMCSA’s attempt to dismiss lawsuit against CSA’s DataQ’s system

A bid by FMCSA to dismiss a lawsuit brought against it and its CSA program’s DataQ’s appeals process has been denied. The suit centers on FMCSA’s use of violations against ...

Carriers’ crystal ball extending to recruiting

Your next lease or employment application could well hinge in part on whether predictive, data-based recruiting models suggest you're a good fit for whatever fleet you hope to join forces ...

Best way to avoid inspection in Indiana: Slow down

With speeding accounting for nearly half of all moving-type infractions marked on inspection reports in 2013, Indiana ranks first in the nation for those violations.

Partners in Business: Staying Compliant and Safe

Protect your career by knowing and following regulations, practicing safe driving and using data to your advantage.

Some readers show favor for the public visibility of CSA’s carrier scores

And what about drivers' information? some readers ask as broad swathes of trucking industry representatives call for hiding carrier CSA scores.

CSA changes: Agency implements plan to account for due process in inspection citations

Violations against drivers or carriers that are dismissed or result in a “not guilty” ruling will no longer count in Compliance, Safety, Accountability scoring nor on driver Pre-Employment Screening Reports, ...

CSA’s Fallout: The shifting enforcement target as states move on driver violations

Among all 48 continental states, 2013 saw 29 states increase their attention to moving violations, figured as a percentage of each state’s total violations. Among the top such states, 3 ...

OOIDA gets behind drivers’ class-action lawsuit against FMCSA, pre-employment reports

OOIDA this week expressed its support for the six truck drivers who filed a class-action lawsuit against trucking regulators, claiming they divulged to potential employers too much information about their ...

Drivers sue FMCSA over pre-employment report information

Six drivers have filed a class-action lawsuit against FMCSA claiming the agency “disparaged” their safety records and diminished their value as truck drivers by oversharing information on the drivers’ Pre-Employment ...

It finally happened

Wendy on the recent accident in North Carolina, where she and George were rear-ended: "I keep telling him only one wreck in driving (all kinds of vehicles) for 29 years ...

FMCSA finalizes changes to data collection to account for due process in roadside citations

Starting Aug. 23, FMCSA will implement changes to data collection system to account for any legal processes that happen after citations are issued in a roadside inspections that could result ...