A remodeled truck stop and a strange haul

| April 28, 2012

I learned today what the newly remodeled Petro truck stop in Kenly, N.C., looks like. Learned by stopping there.

Diane and I are on a run which is a little different than we have ever done before. It is a multi-stop run with security protocols attached and layovers at various locations. I’m not at liberty to say much about it or our schedule through Wednesday.

I will say that we’ll think twice before taking a run like this again. It’s one thing to pick up a load at point A and deliver it to point B. It is something quite different to pick up multiple items at point A and make several delivery stops and a couple of layover stops along the way.

It’s not a bad run. It just seems endless. Before taking a load like this again, we will take a careful look at the scheduling and routing before saying yes.

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