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Active duty: Western Stars hauling 108,000-pound tanks

| March 19, 2014

Next Exit LogisticsIn addition to hauling equipment, freight, produce and more, Next Exit Logistics hauls military shipments locally, nationally and internationally as an approved Department of Defense contractor.


Losing ground: The military hauling niche

Owner-operators continue to fight for access to military freight, though federal cost-cutting initiatives have reduced rates.

The Western Star full-axle tractors pictured here hauled three M88 tanks weighing 108,000 pounds each. Chandler Magann, president of the DeSoto, Texas-based company, says that planning and time management are key when hauling military equipment and that one of the biggest challenges is securing permits for each state the trucks travel through; different states have different rules for the heavy-duty equipment, with some requiring an escort and others not.

When multiple drivers are hauling equipment to the same place, such as the three trucks pictured above, they can help each other with chaining down the haul, but they cannot create a convoy on the road for the safety of other drivers.

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  • taborkk

    Just to be correct in this report the M88 Hercules is not a tank, it is a armored recovery vehicle (ARV) The M88’s primary role is to provide a maintenance crew the ability to repair or replace damaged parts in fighting vehicles while under fire, as well as extricate vehicles that have become bogged down or entangled. The original approximate weight of the M88 was 56 tons (112,000 lbs) in it’s current configuration it weighs approximately 70 tons (140,000 lbs). Just thought I would share this. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.