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Aero-equipped Kevin Rutherford signature trailer geared toward owner-operators

| August 23, 2013
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Though there will be some small-scale production of Kevin Rutherford’s signature Series trailer, they mostly will be built to customer order. The graphics package seen here does not come standard on trailer, but it can be added from the manufacturer.

Kevin Rutherford has added a new piece of equipment to his Signature Series line — A trailer designed and built in conjunction with SmartTruck Systems and Con-way Manufacturing that implements a broad array of fuel-economy-increasing add-ons, including aerodynamic equipment, single-wide tires and friction-reducing bearings.

Part of the SmartTruck Undertray system used by the trailer to compress air and force it behind the trailer instead of letting it create a vacuum behind the trailer doors.

Part of the SmartTruck Undertray system used by the trailer to compress air and force it behind the trailer instead of letting it create a vacuum behind the trailer doors.

Rutherford — a satellite radio personality and Overdrive columnist — says he wanted to take all he has learned in his 25-year career as an owner-operator and small fleet owner about achieving better fuel economy with trailer alterations and implement it into one trailer built from the ground up.

He partnered with SmartTruck Systems and Con-way Manufacturing about a year ago, and the truck saw its first production run this summer, in which 20 trucks were made — and subsequently sold — to owner-operators.

Rutherford says the trailer has the potential to increase the fuel efficiency of any owner-operator who uses it by at least a ½ mile per gallon, but it could increase fuel economy by up to 1 mpg, he says.

The trailer was designed for the owner-operator market, to give them access to fuel economy benefits big fleets have at a price owner-operators could afford, Rutherford says.

The trailer is available directly from Con-way Manufacturing in Searcy, Ark., and costs roughly $33,500. Con-way finances the trailers, too.

Here are the key elements of the trailer line:

  • Use of the SmartTruck UT6 UnderTray System that battles the aerodynamic-killing vacuum behind the trailer doors by pushing air under the trailer and out the back. The trailer also comes standard with SmartTruck’s
  • Michelin X One XTA single-wide tires and aluminum wheels
  • MicroBlue bearings and STEMCO wheel end system
  • Meritor air-ride suspension
  • Meritor disc brakes and PSI tire inflation system
  • Truck-Lite electrical system, LED lights
  • Jason Haggard

    Yeah well I see the under tray system being ripped apart by dock locks all across the country.

  • martymarsh

    LMAO, I can’t stand it.

  • Fred

    Rutherford hasn’t sold 1, let alone 20 trailers. He is nothing more than snake oil salesman.

  • Cody

    The bumper piece has space for dock locks. A responsible driver checks the spacing before letting the shipper lock it. They only get ripped off if your not centered right. I’d consider getting one, but I think I could get better gains with side skirts and tails. KR is certainly not a snake oil salesman and knows what he is talking about.

  • BigGermanDriver

    I am a big fan of the smarttruck system. You could beat the hell out of their parts and they wont break. The best thing by far is the fuel savings. I have the UT6 and I get a solid 5 tenths. And I can say this about them is that they pay attention to the drivers.

  • guillermo lopez

    es un remolque muy bien construido por lo que se ve


    I have combined the AIRMAN under carriage device with the front mounted NOSE CONE. The AIRMAN is designed to move with the tandems, unlike the skirts that are stationary. For every slider hole you move the skirts away from the tandems your efficiency decreases. At a certain distance the efficiency is actually worse than no skirts at all. The 5-6% of skirts is only achieved at the 40 ft Calif setting. Now utilizing both the Nose Cone and Airman I am achieving 7.2-7.4 mpg running @ 75 mph in 75 to 80 mph states usually grossing 75-80,000 lbs. Am hitting 11 mpg empty. No, I don’t subscribe to the slowing down increases profits! When you slow down your are also reducing your per hour revenue. EX: avg 70 mph x $2.00 p/m = $140 p/hr. avg 60 mph x $2.00 p/m = $120. p/hr. It only costs $11.00 p/hr to run at 70 mph. Therefore, your are $9.00 p/hr more profitable at 70 p/hr avg. Don’t forget you only have 280 hrs per month to produce revenue! 280 x $9. = $2,520 increased profits! It’s revenue first, then control costs. By combing these two devices I can produce the MAXIMUM REVENUE that the speed limits allow for the similar cost of another truck PRODUCING $20. P/Hr less in revenue!

  • Jerry

    P.S. Correction: Meant $11. P/Hr “more” to run 70 MPH AVG.
    $4.00 P/GAL Fuel @ 60mph = $32. P/Hr
    $4.00 P?GAL Fuel @ 70 mph = $43. P/HR strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.