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After reported deaths, Senator seeks energy drink investigation

| November 19, 2012
  • Dennis M

    As with anything if your an adult use it in moderation. If you drink to much coffee it’s bad for you too. When are we going to be responsible and be adults and stop the government(big brother)from being our protector on everything!!!! There should not be seat belt or helmet laws either because if your responsible you will wear a belt and a helmet if your on a motorcycle and have insurance too. As I do. When will we as American’s start seeing the word RESPONSIBILITY as a four letter word and start being responsible AMERICAN’S and proud of it and get BIG GOVERNMENT(big brother)out of our life’s!!!

  • Mr Tod

    As long as The country is run by people that want to justify their political jobs. This type of butting into our lives will continue. As long as the people of this country keep voting in these types of political far left wack jobs. this type of big brother government will continue ! we get the Gov we deserve. We the people voted them in. and we can vote them out. BUT we do not. So We deserve this. Sad but true.

  • Joe Lange

    I think it’s a red bull conspiracy, they are just trying to
    take out the only real competitor they have. Thus controlling the market.

  • Chris Lee

    Best I can figure, that would be about one death for every 27 million bottles of 5 hour energy sold. I’m not saying that makes it okay but, over the last 30 years, an average of 54 fatalities per year are reported from lightning strikes – or about 25 times more likely than dieing from drinking a 5 hour energy. And of course as Dennis said, in moderation. There doesn’t seem to be any word on if these people had one, two or five of these energy shots.

  • Working Man

    Health factors of the deceased individuals really have to be considered. Ephadra was blamed in the media when certain atheletes died on the practice or playing field just because Hydroxycut was found in their locker at the time. Later (and much quieter) it was discovered that health and other factors were to blame. Autopsy results disovered low to average levels of toxins that comonly result as byproducts from ephadra use in the deceased. It will be the same here with energy drinks. The talking heads and news hungry politicians will boast loudly as they point their fingers before any real research is done or autopsy lab results considered. Then you may find a small article in the back of the news saying i was all mstake. I wonder if the senator has considered th health effects of the scotch, brandy and cigars he has in his office back in washington.

  • jim

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