Agency granting 30-min. break exemptions for defense, livestock haulers

| August 12, 2013

ivestock trailerThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has published in the Federal Register notices of application from the U.S. Department of Defense and the National Pork Producers Council asking the agency to exempt them from the 30-minute break requirement mandated by the current hours-of-service rule.

The DOD’s application is for its Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command and would enable its contract motor carriers and their employees who are transporting weapons, munitions and sensitive/classified cargo from having to adhere to the 30-minute break requirement. The DOD already has an exemption for drivers transporting explosives.

As previously reported, the livestock exemption would grant drivers hauling live animals an exemption during warmer months from having to stop for the break, as a measure to protect animals from overheating.

The agency is accepting public comment on both exemptions.

Click here to learn more about the DOD exemption, and here to see more on the livestock exemption.

  • Squeezebreak

    I’m so thankful that explosives and munitions haulers don’t get a break from driving but my toilet paper hauler is required to obey the law. At least I know that he isn’t squeezing the charmin before I do? I feel safer.

  • john

    The feds are really on top of it aren’t they? There’s always been a rule (?) that cops aren’t allowed to hold up a loaded livestock trailer. Then these idiots come up with this new rule that says everybody must take a 30 minute break. Good job. NOT!

  • Martin

    They want to protect the animals from overheating? That’s nice, but why when actual human drivers stop, they are generally forbidden to idle their truck to maintain a comfortable temperature? I guess all those federal sleeper berth rules governing climate control don’t matter. The driver can boil to death or freeze as long as ‘mother earth’ don’t have to breathe the exhaust/

  • smitty

    propane haulers, explosives, and bull shippers. must have been a government think tank that figured this one out. First hand bull haulers are the biggest outlaw truckers on the road they have to be. Who ever has the strongest lobbyist get the cookies

  • martymarsh

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