Agency shuts down driver said to have driven 35 hours straight before fatal crash

| February 13, 2014

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced Feb. 13 it had issued an imminent hazard out-of-service order to an Illinois-based driver for hours of service violations that led to a crash that killed one person and caused life-threatening injuries to an Illinois state trooper, FMCSA said.

Renato V. Velasquez crashed Jan. 27 into two fully illuminated stationary vehicles — one an Illinois state trooper with his emergency lights on and the other an Illinois Tollway vehicle with an activated warning arrow. The Tollway worker was killed in the crash.


FMCSA shuts down an owner-operator, company driver for intoxication, other violations

FMCSA announced Feb. 7 it had issued imminent hazard out-of-service order to a Tennessee-based owner-operator and a Florida-based truck driver for issues related to being ...

FMCSA investigators discovered after the crash that Velasquez had been mostly driving for a period of 26 straight hours and had only rested for a period between 3 and a half to 5 and a half hours. He also had falsified his logs to conceal the violations, FMCSA said. 

He has been charged with multiple felonies, and the investigation remains open. 

Other news outlets, like the Chicago Sun-Times, are reporting that Velasquez had worked more than 35 straight hours before the crash. 

  • MercenaryMan

    Someone knew this guy was way over the HOS,limit, and if his company condones it, I hope they sue them, sell off all his trucks and give it to the familys of those involved….if you operate like this you are a danger to ALL OF US…I hope they sieze his house, cars, and the companys too…they deserve to lose everything…!!!!

  • vrahnos

    That would be hard saying.Been many times that a carrier didn’t know what their drivers were doing after the dispatch was made and the delivery was made as well.the only way is by having a tattle tail incorprated into the truck for the carrier to access to see where the truck is and how far it traveled .

  • guest

    Typical mexican “trucker” probably hopped the fence recently. THIS is how they drive and how they DONT give a damn about anything. We will be seeing More and More of these WRECKS since COPS dont do a damn thing to keep unqualified mexican and other foreigners OUT of 18 Wheelers.

  • guest

    This mexican’s company is Dand D International(death and destruction?) They have 2 Alert Statuses 91.8 for UNSAFE DRIVING and 90.2 for HOURS Of Service…..CSA has NOT audited them since 2011???? Hello Cops….wake up????
    This company operates 40 trucks…….this mexican AND his company Owner are MANIACS!!!! The COPS do NOTHING while these jackasses are in OBVIOUS Violation of their BELOVED CSA Rules?????? Negligence across the board????
    Cops cant WAIT to wave all mexicans thru the weigh station..maybe they should take a closer LOOK????

  • guest

    These stories are Hilarious….”Ronato Velasquez”(not real name lol) SMASHES into COP CAR?? After ignoring the Beloved CSA Hours of SERVICE rules??? How can this be???? Old renato dont give a Damn??? Is that it?? lol……Did Renato hop over recently?? His “company” operates 2 ALERT STATUSES at 90 and 91???? Does Anne Ferro KNOW this is going on???? lol.
    Drivers going BERZERK and driving 36 hours in a row?? Oh Gee his dispatch is “unaware” that they get hours of service violations often enuff to MAX out the Alert Status for Hours Of Service Violations…and his dispatcher and company OWNER are “not aware” of any of this?? The fact is this company LOVES this mexican “driver” because he is More than WILLING to violate “those stupid pesky rules”!!!! He hauls ass and drives Night and Day with NO SLEEP to bring in MONEY for the OWNER….you BET the company knows EXACTLY how this mexican runs.

  • PattyCakes

    Which Gummint Agency(s) should also be liable in any Lawsuit ?

    Afterall, if an Agency can Tax and/or Fine you into Compliance, that same agency should be culpable for any event that occurred under their watch.

    I figure CSA .. DOT .. FMCSA .. every State and every Weigh Station Operator that this driver crossed or passed through on his ” 35 Hour Run ” should be Liable …. had they stopped him, the event never would have happened.

    It’s time to play the same game with their pocketbook that they play with our pocketbook.

  • JJMcClure

    typical Mexican….who needs them….deport them.

  • Certifiably Nutty

    Yet, the hard working, legal trucker is forced to park it early in case they can’t make it to the next rest area without going a few minutes over the HOS limit … ahh the double standards never cease to amaze me.

  • guest

    This ignorant “agency” is labeling this “driver” an imminenet Hazard?? And shutting HIM down??? He is a COMPANY DRIVER…..what a bunch of Anuses….he is ALREADY in JAIL!!
    They wait until he KILLS people….THEN declare him a HAZARD???? How rediculous…..The COMPANY is running 2 Alert Statuses…above 90 on their file???? NOW they have FINALLY figured they are a HAZARD???

  • guest

    Exactly…their “System” does NOT work very well OBVIOUSLY….in illinois they allow illegal immigrants to get a Drivers License…and probably UPGRADE to CDL….they dont seem to give a DAMN about AMERICANS…just the CHEAP LABOR they can put behind the WHEEL and FORCE them to drive night and day..until they crash…weigh stations Wave these foreigners right thru……and then they CRASH.

  • guest

    Yea the AMERICAN owner op has to PARK 30 minutes from his HOME and take 10 hours off duty….then proceed to be “LEGAL”…..but there are Obviously these mexicansos who dont play by these rules???? And his Company has been in VIOLATION and has 2 service Alert Statuses??? Unsafe Driving AND Hours of Service…some PAYOLA going on???????

  • Michelle M

    Mexican drivers don’t give a crap about any laws in this country. Just look at how many illegals there are here. They drive down the wages, and undercut bids to get loads.
    They can easily get loans to buy trucks and start their own companies, because they are a minority.
    If they do happen to injure or kill someone, they just run back across the border, get a new identity, and show back up in the U.S. a few months later.
    Until we get some politicians in office with some balls, this crap will keep happening, until there is nothing but foreigners behind the wheels of all trucks.

  • John

    what’s the difference between him driving 35 straight hours and wrecking and a someone driving an RV or their personal car for 35 straight hours and causing a major wreck? 35 hours is 35 hours in any vehicle.

  • Brian Carlson

    Ladies and gentlemen. I strongly suggest that the “professional drivers in this country that care. Seriously consider coming to see what my Wife and I and the rest of our responsible business associates have to offer. It is long overdue for some serious justice. We have invested our lives in you and your family’s. Consider having a look. There are other pro’s waiting for you to back them up. And “NO” we are not a bunch of buffoons who are storming gates in DC and acting like lunatics. We are a respectable intelligent family in Wisconsin gaining some credibility. And a whole lot of friends. Its time. Please take good care, and best wishes to all this year. Solidarity 2014. Here is the FB page enjoy.

  • Jay

    are you a truck driver??

  • Ken Depew

    I agree Brian.

  • Brian Carlson

    Please come an visit our family so this does not happen we need to take back our Industry. Have a nice evening Michelle. From jenny and I and the rest of your fellow drivers already committed to making a difference for all of our families.

  • Brian Carlson

    We can do something about all this mess Sir if you want to fix it bad enough. Have a great weekend.

  • Truckerscrusade

    Right on PattyCakes !!!

  • Truckerscrusade

    I also agree !

  • EF McHenry

    100% CORRECT!!! In fact 110% CORRECT!!! Also suppose he had a EOBR/ELD, drove 10-11hrs, then stopped to deliver/unload etc, then reload in the same town and was up not sleeping, but showed all this activity as a combination of off-duty and sleep, then got back on the road and drove another 11hrs?????????? Wonder what FMCSA would think and say about that!!!!!

  • guest

    Truckers today are part of a new PEASANT CLASS that is putting a new face on the industry. Foreigners dominate today, speaking in weird languages and doing anything they damn well please while Cops do Nothing…their hands are tied by ICE and Obama…allowing thousands of foreign criminals to drive truck and for companies like this to KNOWINGLY operate with MAJOR CSA Violations. They are getting away with MURDER. Cops are only PISSED about THIS wreck as one “of their own bros” was Critically Injured…….time for Law Enforcement to get these FOREIGN criminals OUT of TRUCKING…..they wave thousands of illegal aliens thru weigh stations everyday…many of these illegals go on to smash Americans to pieces in fiery accidents.

    Thanks COPS..doing a fine job.

  • Certifiably Nutty

    What would say???

    “It’s ok, he’s from south of the border.”

  • guest

    So true…many of the Killers in our Prisons have been deported many times and usually have a Handfull of felony convictions before they serve a LONG and well deserved stretch in Prison….our system is seriously flawed…favoring mexican criminals. Eisenhower did NOT operate with a Limp Wrist like todays “presidente”..Eisenhower deported Millions of these PUKES.They did Not hurry back….in those days.

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  • Victor Prince

    typical immigrant prick

  • JAC

    It’s got nothing to do with being a Mexican. Most Mexican people are hard working. This has happened before again and again. We need to pay drivers for all their time and to be rewarded for doing things legally and safe. Drivers shouldn’t be rewarded for driving over the HOS regs by running more miles. It’s all wrong. We’ve all run over our hours…. Thats why the gov is getting so strict. We need regs for fair pay and for less work. 70 hr work weeks are insane! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.