Agency shuts down Atlanta trucking company

| April 01, 2013

Atlanta-based carrier Southern Transportation Inc. has been ordered by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to shut down its operations after FMCSA says the company stopped cooperating with safety investigators and did not provide copies of its safety records to FMCSA.

The agency says it shut down the company “using new authorities given to” it under last summer’s MAP-21 highway funding law. FMCSA has the authority to “place a motor carrier out of service if it fails to comply with a letter demanding release of company safety records” per MAP-21 provisions, says FMCSA.

Click here to see a copy of the imminent hazard out-of-service order from FMCSA.

  • Mike Jones

    Well THAT is actually some GOOD news! The RULES are in place for everybody today….either play the game or get out of trucking…we have ALOT of hoops to jump thru today….if you dont qualify..go flip burgers…the game is on for it or not….too late to bitch now…CSA is here to stay.

  • bill joyce

    IT is time to stop all trucks in Caifornia from coming in and going out for 1 week see what those assholes will do with all their freight and food tell Calif they are shut down till further notice . Tell them to use there stinky rairoad to move all their stuff for now somewhere along the way they still need trucks to deliver the whole north america .

  • Doug

    You sure don’t see them enforcing them on tour bus’s that never pass a safety inspection. Guess they want more people killed at on time. Do you hear that Californicate, it’s your state that is the worst.

  • Mike Jones

    This company was ‘targeted’ because they didnt wear RED shirts, did NOT have driver “facial” cameras, no electro logs…just for starters!! It went downhill from there!

  • AntnyB

    They didn’t have driver log books or any maintenance records for the trucks and had their authority revoked once before

  • bigred

    Can anyone not see what is happening here. This whole new chain of events is spelled out in this months edition of “THE TRUCKER.” I`m not sure if the big companies are in on all this and it seems that they aren`t as they are trying to get the new HOS postponed and trying to get the new “restart” stopped.

    The new restart will “under the guise of safety” quote “reduce fatigue, resulting in an average of 12 hours driving time weekly.”

    Further down it states this will result in creating 16,600 new jobs mostly in the trucking industry <<"quote"

    It`s apparant that this Government wants to put even more unqualified drivers on the road and reduce our hours even more which reduces our wages even more. So, my question is what are these big companies gonna get from this and why are they even playing along. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.