Agency shuts down North Carolina fleet for compliance failures

| November 05, 2013

Moonlight Express has become the 11th trucking company this year to receive an imminent hazard out-of-service order from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, effectively shutting down the Cherryville, N.C.-based five-truck fleet. 


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FMCSA says an investigation into the company last month showed the company and its owner, Rocky Lee Brown, did not comply with a wide array of federal regulations, including vehicle safety to driver monitoring. 

The company’s trucks “failed to meet minimum safety standards,” FMCSA says, and the company was not inspecting, repairing or maintaing the trucks as federal regulations require. 

Moreover, on multiple occasions, drivers for the company who had suspended CDLs were allowed to drive. Moonlight also failed to ensure its drivers were adhering to FMCSA’s hours-of-service regulations, nor did the company perform federally required drug and alcohol tests of its drivers. 

This year alone, FMCSA has issued 11 imminent hazard out-of-service orders to 11 trucking companies and 10 CDL holders, blocking them from operating in interstate commerce. 

Click here to see a copy of the out-of-service order.

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  • guest

    Sure..why bother with all that license crap?? Lots of mega fleets have plenty of Violations in the Driver Fitness catagory and many are operating in Alert Status….no drivers license, suspended license, cants speak or understand English….who cares??? Its all a Joke anyway……rediculous industry today.

  • FedUp

    Go on line and search for this year’s shutdowns. It looks like 4 bus companies foreign and domestic, 1 drunk operator, 1 driver in violation of HOS killing 6 and injuring 2.
    I quit reading there. Not sure about the rest but these 6 earned the action. I don’t want them on the road beside me.
    I could not find out how many a year are written up. Maybe OverdriveOnLine will publish what is usual in a given year.
    None of the citations I read were for minor or petty offenses.
    Thanks for the article, Overdrive Staff.

  • Todd Dills

    These have been on the increase, generally, particular in very recent years. Read this story, published back in May, that dealt with it: That will give you a good idea of changing nature of this.

  • g

    According to CSA file…1 driver was driving on a Suspended… and several got tagged for 90 points during maintenance inspection….Yep they are a Hazard..they only have 3 trucks……not a good batting average. Lock it Up!!

  • ilovdieselsmoke

    OK, so why is this company still operating? the trucks are absolute junk driven by idiots. Speedy Heavy Duty Hauling, check out the safer web score, never seen one this high! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.