Agency shuts down Texas fleet for disregarding hours of service regs

| September 24, 2013

A Laredo, Texas-based fleet has become the 10th trucking company this year to be issued an out-of-service order after it was discovered the company was not ensuring its drivers complied with federal hours of service regulations and did not properly test its drivers for alcohol or controlled substance use, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced Sept. 24. 

REDCO Transport, a 112-truck general freight hauler, was issued the imminent hazard out-of-service order Sept. 24. One of the company’s trucks caused an accident in mid-August on Interstate 20 in Louisiana when the truck’s driver hit a van in the shoulder. The accident killed three people, including the truck driver. 

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The accident prompted an investigation from FMCSA, who found the non-compliance issues. 

“It is unacceptable for commercial truck and bus companies to disregard critical safety regulations that serve to protect the motoring public,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.  “Companies that choose to needlessly endanger innocent lives will be blocked from operating on our highways and roads. There is no higher priority than safety.”

This is the 10th trucking company issued an out-of-service order this year. FMCSA has also issued imminent hazard out-of-service orders to seven truck drivers.

“Blatant disregard of federal rules compromises the safety of every traveler on our roadways,” said FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro.  “We will continue our vigorous enforcement efforts and our close collaboration with state and local authorities to further improve roadway safety every day, every mile, everywhere.”

  • guest

    FMCSA sight says they Violated Driver Fitness and primarily NON ENGLISH SPEAKING DRIVERS…go read it for yourself…CSA File…ALERT STATUS..DRIVER FITNES..Numerous Violations……..probably all illegal aliens ya think???

  • guest

    Redco Transport was NOT even in ALERT STATUS for Hours of Service…but they WERE at 98% or so for
    UNFIT DRIVERS!!!!! Got a CLUE??? illegal Aliens??
    Cant speak a word of English but taking OUR jobs and OUR freight??? Sound Familiar?? They DID have LOTS of infractions in Hours of Service…FORM and MANNER was HUGE…cant read English it might be Difficult???
    Also ALLOWING drivers to run over hours was Huge…
    The ALERT was in UNFIT DRIVERS…then the Shutting Down of the Company…..big surprize??? Thousands of illegal aliens are taking every piece of FREIGHT in the country..they FINALLY busted ONE company???

  • johnny dark

    with a budget of 606 million and over a thousand employees you would think they would have done more work this year. 10 companies , you could have done that many at a scale house and gave the 606 million to some other country to promote harmony and good will.

  • Alexander Disner

    nobody gives a CDL to an undocumented immigrant. If companies are risking their trucks and operations to people with fake CDLs, they should be closed and the person/s in charge sent to jail. With a long sentence. Zero tolerance.

  • guest

    yea..pretty funny..such “Safety Hawks” and would think they would find a fewmore than 10.
    Hell there is 10 companies a WEEK busted for hauling NARCOTICS!!!!

  • guest

    That company is a JOKE!! Funny to read their CSA file at FMCSA SITE…….they had drivers all over America placed OUT OF SERVICE for not being able to Communicate in English…..and they had guys driving with NO LICENSE…then that MANIAC was driving over hours apparently and Slaughtered a Bunch of People and was KILLED himself???? Anne Ferro you are doing a Bang Up Job allright….you Safety Hawk you…..glad we are safe in your hands!! Scaryyyyyyyy……..

  • Jim Kennedy

    Y aren’t they testing the drivers everyday before you can operate your vehicle (from big company down to O/Os to taxis to 4 wheelers, you have to provide a urine/drug/blood sample?
    Bring on more regulations. Pull the bad drivers off the road and keep the good ‘uns (my version of bad drivers not yours).

  • George Gaither

    They do, companies test drivers daily during random test.

  • George Gaither

    They don’t care, they won’t enforce the immigration Laws. They do more enforcement on the Drivers.

  • guest

    I f You are an American Citizen…You will be tested and qualified and have Cert Cards and Licenses and be in every Cop Data base that Trucking has. However if you are an illegal alien cops do NOT bother with you…they wave you thru the weigh stations..they KNOW you dont have a damn thing they will ask for and with THIS company Redco Transport these illegal aliens can NOT speak a word of ENGISH..The cops looked the other way until the ignorant clown for a driver Smashed into people and KILLED them and HIMSELF..THEN and ONLY THEN do these cops lift a finger against and illegal alien truck driver…

  • Porter M. Corn

    Actually this company flew under the radar because their SMS scores were well below the intervention level. The fatality accident caused FMCSA to go in an do an audit as they do in these cases.

    The company was shut down for internal problems relating to non-compliance with HOS and other record keeping issues.

  • Porter M. Corn

    No indication of illegal alien drivers are anything else since they cannot obtain a CDL in this country.

  • MarsRiver

    Porter, you know me well enough to know what I’m going to say since you recall my last responses to you regarding this program. I’m glad to see my points are being proven to you. I stand my ground firmly and proudly. Always providing excuses, aren’t you? What you lack in Integrity you make up for in a lack of Dignity. See things for what they are, Porter. I want to respect you but you’re making it very difficult for me. Sad thing about that is that I know you don’t care, even when you’re wrong and it’s right under your nose and in your back yard.

  • MarsRiver

    Sorry to say, Alexander, but Colorado and Oregon issue drivers licenses to “Illegal Immigrants” (ehh-ehm, Felons) and Jerry Brown of California will sign a bill for this to take place today 10/3/13. Note I didn’t say CDL but this is what a lack of oversight of a mismanaged program brings. Read the previous sentence again. I did state it correctly. You would have served yourself better if you had stated “I don’t believe anyone gives a CDL…”. Unfortunately it is happening.

  • MarsRiver

    My first response to your other post still stands. Read my post to Alexander Disner above. Enlighten, my friend. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.