Agency trying out remote safety audit program for new carriers

| September 05, 2013

Clean inspectionThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has started testing a new way to perform safety audits on new entrant carriers in an attempt to better focus resources on what it deems high-risk carriers, it announced this week.

The agency is testing whether off-site, remote safety audits can be as effective as the on-site audits.

Under current rules, the agency is required to perform on-site safety audits on all carriers within the first 18 months of their receipt of a U.S. DOT number. The current MAP-21 highway funding law tightens that to 12 months. 

The on-site requirement is costly and inefficient, the agency says, and it devotes the same resources and time to on-site reviews of low-risk carriers as it does to high-risk carriers, it says.

It began in July with the testing program, in which carriers with Compliance, Safety, Accountability scores higher than intervention threshold, carriers with carriers with evidence of an expedited action violation, carriers with evidence of roadside inspection activity while transporting a placardable quantity of hazardous materials and passenger carriers will be flagged for an on-site safety new entrant safety audit.

All other new carriers will be sent a letter by FMCSA and asked to submit documents online. The agency will evaluate things like driver qualification, driver duty status, vehicle maintenance and accident register, it says. Based on its findings, it will either prepare a report saying the carrier passed the audit, ask the carrier for more information or schedule an on-site review. 

The agency will conclude its testing in July 2014. It is currently only testing the program in California, Florida, Illinois, Montana and New York. 

  • martymarsh

    So, it is basically the same harassment, but now they don’t have to pay for a person or a car and gas to come out and visit you. They get to sit in the A/C all day until they get the dirt on you.
    This is unreasonable search and seizure, because you already assume I am guilty. Now I have to send all of my paperwork so they can actually prove I’m guilty. They will search until they find the money, then they will seize it.
    Excuse me, IS THIS AMERICA ?

  • martymarsh

    And after the investigation is complete, they get to send you tickets without ever moving their fat ass out of the chair, things just get better and better all of the time, what a country.


    OK, who is going to pay my office personal to scan and send all of these documents? We have better ways to spend our time, (like trying to make money). I’ll bet any documents sent in to FMCSA will be perfect with no errors or violations. IF FMCSA wants to see my documents they can come to my office.

  • flintstone613

    I did the off site audit. Well worth taking the time to scan things to them than have them breathing down your neck. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.