All hands on tech

| September 01, 2006

CELL-PHONE ALERTS. Internet companies and cellular providers also see potential in GPS/traffic updates. Popular search engine Google recently began offering mapping and real-time traffic conditions for 30 cities to cell phone users. Expected delays and drive times are also listed.

Through TeleCommunication Systems, Rand McNally offers a similar service, downloadable by cell phone users. Rand McNally offers real-time traffic information for 94 metro markets, more than XM and Clear Channel combined. In addition to GPS routing data, the service includes congestion data, accident updates and road closings.

These technologies won’t get you through every traffic jam, but they can save you a lot of time and stress. Over time, that can mean a good payback on whatever you invest in the product or service.

Garmin Ltd.
(800) 800-1020

Google Maps

Pioneer Electronics USA Inc.
(800) 421-1404

Prophesy Transportation Solutions Inc.
(800) 776-6706

TeleCommunication Systems
(410) 263-7616

Thales Navigation Inc.
(800) 669-4477

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