Amendment seeks to curtail EPA oversight of fuel standards

| June 27, 2012

Today, June 27, the U.S. House appropriations committee may consider an amendment to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating fuel and emission standards in trucks manufactured after model year 2016.

The full committee is scheduled to meet for markup of its funding bill for the interior, environment and related agencies for the 2013 fiscal year.

U.S. Rep. Steve Austria’s amendment would prevent agency funding from being used to enforce or propose regulations regarding climate change or greenhouse gas emissions in trucks and other motor vehicles manufactured after that year.

In 1975, Congress vested the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration with the authority to regulate GHG emissions and fuel efficiency standards, the Ohio Republican said. The NHTSA has retained that power and the amendment, if passed, will help avoid duplication of services.

Also, it would prevent the EPA from moving forward with future rounds of vehicle fuel and emission standards, which would hike purchase prices and hurt the manufacturing sector, he said.

Last year, Austria and Rep. John Carter (R-Texas) co-authored a similar amendment during the 2012 interior and environment appropriations’ markup. The appropriations committee approved the amendment, but it was not included in the final interior funding bill.

  • Don M

    This very much needs to happen.

    The people at the EPA have absolutely no concern about the impact on industry and the consumer as a result of all of the mandates placed on engine builders and people that have to own, maintain, and operate the equipment that moves goods and products. Diesel was quite clean enough before we went to ultra low sulfur fuel, and the price was quite a bit lower than 2.00 dollars per gallon.

    I personally think that clean air is vitally important, but you can’t just march in and say we are going to make you reduce emissions 500% in 10 years, and expect industry in the USA to remain healthy. We desperately need to bring home the jobs in this country in like two weeks. Obviously that is unobtainable, but if some of the regs that have driven many industries to leave this country were reduced somewhat, I believe you would see some recovery in the next quarter.

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