Analysis: Foxx needs to lead, not do more of the same

| July 26, 2013

Anthony Foxx

What should Anthony Foxx’s No. 1 priority be as new Secretary of Transportation?

Perhaps doing something his predecessor wasn’t able to do and find a way for Congress and the White House to deliver a comprehensive, long-term highway funding bill, writes Kevin Jones on Overdrive sister site CCJ

MAP-21 was short and didn’t do much to address arguably the biggest issue facing transportation: Decline in infrastructure investment, Jones writes.

President Barack Obama has been interested in other areas of focus, like healthcare reform and energy, Jones writes, and has been busy fighting political battles.

In his non-partisan post, Foxx must find a way to ensure that infrastructure has funding, seeing as how the Highway Trust Fund is predicted to become insolvent in just two years, and if truckers and trucking companies are paying more for road use to keep funding up, Congress shouldn’t designate funds to programs that don’t bolster freight movement and, more importantly, don’t push trucks off the road, Jones writes.

See his full article here.

  • No Reform

    He should “lead”?? lead what….he doesnt know a thing about trucking…he will simply do as he is told by Big Money..just like MCcain and all these boot lickers. From this post he can leapfrog to another high pay job if he sucks up to the right Special Interests.

  • David ‘White Horse’

    This guy will do nothing but continue in the same vein as Obama tells him forget what big money does this government is looking to consume every aspect of this country from the smallest operation to the largest. Knowing nothing seems to be the catch phrase, as knowing something or anything does not get you the job.
    We have NO advocate in Washington or anywhere else. We are on our own and can only loose a battle we did not choose. We are thrust upon the horns of a dilemma, support you and your family or give in to tyranny. What will it take to get our country back.
    Stay aware and awake to everything that the enemy is going to do and they are the enemy of AMERICA someone else will probably not do it you must start informing others that we are under attack from within our own borders by invaders that were born here from subversives and malcontents that tear away at the fiber of our country. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.