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Annals of justification: Truck thief claims zombies were after him

| April 15, 2013
Jeremiah Clyde Hartline
Jeremiah Clyde Hartline

The Los Angeles Times reports that, in the case of a big-rig theft that caused a “massive traffic jam on Interstate 15 in Temecula,” Calif., a week back, as wrote reporter Ruben Vives, the 19-year-old perpetrator from none other than my home state of Tennessee (go figure) believed he was being chased by a horde of the undead.

I don’t know about you, but to my thinking such a belief (if truly held, mind you) might give the young thief ample reason to quote the repeated words of TV character U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens – ”It was justified” — as reason for his crime. Doubt that will pass muster so much with the judge, though. Wrote Vives:

Jeremiah Clyde Hartline, 19, has been booked on suspicion of grand theft, driving without a license and hit-and-run. He remains in custody at the Southwest County Detention Center in Murrieta on $500,000 bail. 

For more on the story, follow this link.

(Side note: Anyone wondering what Wendy Parker thinks of this?)

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  • jj

    he’s a homo

  • mousekiller

    A member of our future.

  • Todd Dills

    I had a dream last night that this guy backed off his zombies story and confessed that he’d always wanted to be a truck driver as his reasoning. I half-thought it was real when I woke up with the radio news on and went frantically searching for a news story on it. Too good to be true, I’m afraid.

  • No Reform

    Only 1 recent accident??? He qualifies for Swift.

  • No Reform

    Bail Amount is right…now for the Shock Treatment.
    Electro Shock therapy and 10 years in prison.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    What the hell , I can’t say i blame the boy , hell if zombies were chasing me i would steal a truck to , beats the hell out of getting Zombie bit !

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Afermtive action well get him a job as a DOT cop after he gets out of the nut farm !