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Anne Ferro out as FMCSA administrator

| July 25, 2014
Anne Ferro

Anne Ferro

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration head Anne Ferro will be stepping down from her position as administrator of the agency, the Department of Transportation announced July 25.

An exact date for her departure has not been set, but according to a note she circulated to colleagues this morning, she said she will be leaving “towards the end of August.”

Ferro will be assuming the role of president and CEO at the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators.

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said Ferro was a “true leader” in her 5-year tenure.


Citing ‘bias against truckers,’ OOIDA calls for resignation of FMCSA head Anne Ferro

OOIDA has sent Anthony Foxx a letter asking for FMCSA head Anne Ferro to resign, saying she has a "clear bias against truckers and the ...

“Under Anne’s leadership, FMCSA has ushered in a new culture of safety into the commercial bus and trucking industries.  She has made it more difficult for companies that jeopardize the public’s well-being to stay in business and easier for consumers to make informed choices when choosing a shipper or buying a bus ticket,” Foxx said in an email to his staff. “It is a legacy we are proud to continue.  In addition, Anne’s infectious enthusiasm for our work and our people has made DOT an even better place to work.”

Ferro, too, said she worked to “raise the bar for safety” while in her role at the DOT. She assumed the position in 2009. She said while under her watch, the agency strengthened its oversight of high-risk trucking and bus companies  and tried to advocate changing the driver pay model from per-mile to per-time model.


Voices on the call for FMCSA head to resign

Was OOIDA's move the right one -- or is the "be careful what you ask for, you just might get it" adage an appropriate consideration? ...

“I hope you are proud of the life-saving work you accomplish and look forward to tackling more tough challenges ahead,” she said in an email to her colleagues. “I certainly am proud to have served as your administrator.  You are professionals united in a single mission — to save lives — and I encourage you to continue to rely on each other’s strengths and redouble your energy toward that highest of goals.”

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association called for Ferro’s resignation last month, penning a three-page letter to Foxx asking him to ask her to step down. OOIDA said Ferro had shown “a clear bias” against the trucking industry in recent months, both in how she prioritized agency rulemakings and in language she used at Congressional hearings.

OOIDA released this statement July 25 from President and CEO Jim Johnston: 

“We would like to congratulate the administrator on her new position and wish her well as she leads the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators. She is well known for having unprecedented personal outreach and engagement with truckers in all the years that we have worked with the agency.”  

The American Trucking Associations’ released this statement from President and CEO Bill Graves:

“In her time with FMCSA, Administrator Ferro was a passionate advocate for the agency. We wish her well in her new role at the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators and look forward to working with her on commercial driver licensing issues.”


  • Mike Smith

    I guess Diane Frankenstien didn’t see the little cars ZOOMING everywhere! lol

  • Mike Smith is a Filthy Racist

    Many reputable websites have comment policies. They don’t allow hate speech. That’s what you’re all about. You cannot present any of your points without hate and racism attached to it.

    Then again, if Overdrive didn’t allow hate speech, they wouldn’t have an audience. Because that’s who they cater to. Ignorant, illiterate truck drivers. Your views are perfectly in line with the scum of your industry.

  • Ron Slicker

    If you think you got rid of her your sadly mistaken.

    “The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) is a non-governmental, voluntary, tax-exempt, nonprofit educational association. AAMVA is a private corporation which strives to develop model programs in motor vehicle administration, police traffic services, and highway safety. The association serves as an information clearinghouse for these same disciplines, and acts as the international spokesman for these interests. The association is composed of Motor Vehicle and Law Enforcement Administrators and Executives from all 50 states,.”
    Well that sucks!!!

  • Just one truckers thoughts

    This (Mike Smith is a Filthy Racist) person is obviously not a trucker or even in the trucking industry, so why are you even reading the Overdrive articles? Why are you reading the comments? Why are you commenting on anything? You obviously have not contributed to anything in this industry as you have pointed out, so what gives you the right to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong?

    Yes it may be true that not all truckers have a college degree and some may even have trouble with reading and spelling, but since when does that make them any less professional at what they do? Just because someone can’t write an essay doesn’t stop them from delivering your food, clothing and even your toilet paper in time so you don’t have to use your hand.

    Sometimes I think that truck drivers just need a stronger voice. One that will cut through the fog of politics and regulations. One that can stand up to the real problems in the industry. Problems like you!

    Just one truckers thoughts…..

  • Fluffy

    Yes Ferro is gone, but will the damage that Ferro and her department made change? Keep in mind,the people who made up her department are still there. Do you think they changed minds?
    The one thing about government is once something it’s almost impossible to remove. The main problem is this is not a 9 to 5 job and the people who make the are 9 to 5ers and never had to make a living in a truck. Also the people who hire them or appoint them are 9 to 5ers as well. As long as this is the case they going to continue on their course total control of trucking industry.

  • Mike Smith is STILL a RACIST

    You happen to be wrong. I’ve been a driver with my own authority for 18 years. And the fact that this Mike Smith guy can’t leave ANY comments (read some of his others) without using antiquated terms like negro, in addition to calling immigrants derogatory names, saying they come from the “turd world”, or that they are savages, tells me that his way of seeing people who aren’t like him (color or religion-wise) justifies his reason to treat them as sub-human.

    You don’t need a college degree to know the proper spelling of basic words. The ignorance that the drivers in this industry display on a daily basis, and so frequently in Overdrive, shows that they’re more of a problem than the people they are maligning. Blaming Anne Ferro for anything shows how ignorant they really are. She’s a department administrator, not a dictator.

    Being professional doesn’t just mean delivering toilet paper to people. You don’t get a pass because you can drive a truck. Being professional means positively contributing to the industry that you’re a part of. The one that helps you make a living. And if you want other people (drivers like me included) to have respect for your profession, or what you have to say, your “strong voice” needs to sound like it’s not coming from the mouth of an imbecile.

  • richard beck

    ANNE FERRO leaves on my birthday(august 25),what a gift i got from above?! so what’s next she’s going to do?
    I guess her mission to continue hate truckers became even easier,why to worry to get truckers out of their trucks, when you can prevent now them getting into the trucks?!
    such a nightmare ….
    what she really accomplished in her five years? o yes she wanted us to become monkeys and do the tricks,sorry she failed ,because the true re-signation maybe hidden from the public view,because she is on the run to avoid prosecution, the true statistics say : instead of saving 19 lives a year ,it increased by 45 year over year …is it her policies makes her responsible for the negligence ,I truly hope so ,if it ever will be considered by certain people..
    the government propaganda only says how safer became since 2003,sorry ANNE FERRO wasn’t there in 2003 and during 2011 the crash rates steadily increased under her watch,even she admitted that.
    I can’t listen the government bullshit any longer ,all I want just to do my job and see my family when I can…
    good luck fellas and be safe on the road ,we should prove to anybody we can drive safe and stop blaming each other for stupid illegal immigrant driving the trucks ,we are the ones should perform the job right so no one can outcompete us in the first place..

  • Mike Smith

    As I have said, if there is something not true in what I said, address it, and provide your support !!!!!!!!!!!!

    We have come to a tipping point in my country where we can see the Mexican Violence, The Constant Invasion of my country by illegal and legalized aliens.

    Hate speech you filthy scum. Hate speech is what you use when your enemy is OVERRUNNING your country, birthing 6 kids with our money, and draining resources. It is what one uses against the supporters of the illegal alien invasion.

    There is not enough time or space here for me to convey my righteous indignation.

    YOU ARE THE ENEMY!!!!! Trying to use Political Correctness to protect your Dirty Filthy Despicable Mexican Invader Friends. Political Correctness must be killed, and is being killed. Although this government is trying to keep it alive, AND aiding and abetting the enemy, illegal aliens!

    You now have massive numbers of Mexicans, etc., in our country, dangerously twisting our country into a Mexican $#it hole.

    The Mexican Invasion, jig is up. To many people can now see what Mexicans have done to their country Now they want to take over our country. You and yours make a shit hole of everywhere you go. JUST LOOK at L.A. CA to Victorville, CA. All filled with dispicable Mexican crime.

  • Chris Mayne

    The old saying of careful what you wish for you just might get it. Ms Ferro is gone and it is a sad day. People who know trucking and educate themselves in trucking would realize that she is the ONLY administrator who:
    1) went on a radio talk show monthly to talk to drivers (Dave Nemo show, seriousxm 146)
    2) held listening sessions and went to truck shows to talk to drivers, and others.
    3) when on a ride along…. twice.
    People need to realize she and any new administrator is simply a puppet for congress. YOU want to make a change, get involved and educate your congressmen and senators about the trucking industry. You have time to whine and bitch, then you have time to call 2 offices once a week.

  • matt

    You are a sad little boy Mike…

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