Be wary: Annual Roadcheck inspection blitz taking place this week

| June 05, 2013

Roadcheck will cover North America.

Roadcheck, the annual inspection blitz done by a joint effort of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and others, started Tuesday and runs until Thursday, June 6.

CVSA says roughly 10,000 inspectors from state, local and federal enforcement agencies will during the 72-hour period be stationed at 1,500 inspection points across the U.S. to do roadside inspections of trucks and buses.

Last year, nearly 75,000 inspections occurred during the program, resulting in a 22 percent out-of-service rate for equipment and a 4 percent out-of-service rate for drivers.

CVSA has on its site a checklist for drivers published on its site, highlighting a few of the main equipment targets for the blitz: Brakes, coupling devices, fuel and exhaust systems, lighting, cargo securement, steering, suspension, suspension and tires, wheels, rims and hubs. Click here to see the checklist. 

Roadcheck has been held annually since 1988 and has, according to CVSA, performed 1 million inspections.

  • the george

    Can hardly wait, to go fishing.I think I will go June 4th,5th,and the 6th. I hope I catch something, I hope they(DOT) don’t.

  • Decker 24 HR

    Decker 24 HR Truck and Trailer~In an effort to prepare our loyal trucking customers for the annual inspection blitz, we will be providing inspections prior to the scheduled inspection blitz to make sure our customers equipment is up to standard. Call us to schedule your inspection.
    (847) 481-9851.

  • Noel Youngblood

    If u have any questions about the upcoming inspection blitz call 361-215-6442

  • Noel Youngblood

    commercial vehicles safety administration inspection blitz begins on June 4-6,they have 1500 check points , resulting in 22% out of service for the vehiclrs

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  • martymarsh

    So now the big question, how much money does this generate every year?

  • No Reform

    The question is where do I PARK for those 3 Days?

  • No Reform

    Good Time for R and R…….the cops should go to company YARDS and leave the drivers alone…go hassle the Millionaire Boss.

  • Marvin Thayer

    Well George they will be fishing so you might as well too.

  • mousekiller

    If they were interested in the real reason for accidents they would pull and inspect EVERY vehicle. RV’s, pickups with trailers and cars. Bet they would find a very large increase of drunks and unsafe equipment using our roads.
    Since they don’t do that ,it tells me that highway safety is not their top priority.

  • owner operator

    one driver was pulled over at a scale and the first thing they wanted was his cell phone.

  • Rayzer

    At home.

  • ilovdieselsmoke

    i don’t mind the inspectors but this opens the door for every wannabe county & city cop to harass. the cvsa asked for their help this year in spotting violations so that opened th door wide for abuse. in the savannah,ga area we have three police departments whose truck operation was recently shut down by the state because of a trucking $$$$$ collection racket so this week they will jump back in and take full advantage of being asked by the feds to look for truck violations. before they were stopped it was $200 for tore flap. $125 taillight out, $150 dirty cab, yes dirty cab inside, so driver beware!!!!!!!!!

  • mousekiller

    $150 for a dirty cab inside is not enough for some drivers cabs I have seen.. A company may not pay to have a truck washed but the driver should have enough personal pride to do at least a half assed job on the inside That little window in the passenger door is not a trash gauge.. For the most part far too many drivers of CMV’s today shouldn’t be. I don’t really care so much if they are good at backing or not. We all had our first day doing it all in trucking. It is the lack of work ethic and personal pride that is killing the trucking industry and tainting our image.. These so called driving schools aren’t helping much either.


    Ur are absolutely right how much money and trucks they red tag and put out service

  • ilovdieselsmoke

    well that’s true but dirty cab could mean anything. i saw one of the dirty cabs which got a ticket.. a daycab with box in passenger side floor with straps, bungee cords, towels, & paperwork from seat along with a hardhat, & shirt, boots, green vest had fell out of seat due to the sorry roads locally.this caused a $$$$ dirty cab ticket. no this wasn’t chicken boxes from two years past nor fifty drink bottles, napkins, ten rolls of toilet paper, nor dead animals….. really sad some of these local truck cops have nothing more to do! mean while back in meth county business as always while the swat team searches the are for dirty cabs. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.