Anthony Foxx sworn in, takes reins at DOT

| July 02, 2013
Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx as he's sworn in, standing next to wife Samara and children Hillary and Zachary.

Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx as he’s sworn in, standing next to wife Samara and children Hillary and Zachary.

Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx was sworn in as the new head of the Department of Transportation and a member of President Barack Obama’s cabinet Tuesday, July 2, at DOT headquarters in Washington, D.C.

In a blog post on the DOT’s website, Foxx says he plans to “focus on three key areas” now that he’s officially assumed his new position: Safety, efficiency and performance and improving the future transportation system.

He also said during his time as mayor in Charlotte, he saw first-hand the economic driver that transportation projects are and the critical role “quality transportation” plays to the success of Americans individually.

Click here to see Foxx’s full post.

Foxx was nominated to replace outgoing Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood in late April and was confirmed by the Senate last week by a unanimous 100-0 vote.

The Department of Transportation employees 55,000 people and has a $70 billion annual budget and oversees surface, maritime and air transportation.

In a statement, Foxx said: “Safety will remain our top priority at DOT.  At the same time, I will work to improve the efficiency and performance of our current transportation system while building the infrastructure we need for future generations.”

After his confirmation last week, Overdrive gathered reaction from industry stakeholders and some public officials about Foxx’s assumption of the position. Click here to see it.

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  • Tatyana Elbrus

    hes from the obama administration – we are officially screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Doug

    Has this person ever worked from the bottom up in the trucking world? I bet not, but he is a expert in his own mind.
    Only three more years and I’m 72 and maybe can retire unless the drivers from south of the border take over.

  • Mike Smith

    This negro will pull the same things as Obama & Napalitano have been and are doing. The is they are all supporting & encouraging the Mexican Invasion of our country. And the “cloak” in some sort of immigration BS.

  • j d express

    aaaaaahhhhhh….run forest run !!!!

  • rich

    First LaHood, from Obamas home state, then an appointment based on ? He has no background other than getting a trolley bus system in his home town . Another puppet to work with fero for the big business interests . The best thing Fero could do for trucking safety is RESIGN . strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.