APU financial incentives

Todd Dills | September 01, 2010

www.cascadesierrasolutions.org, (866) 345-3390

Arkansas: low-interest loans

The state Department of Environmental Quality’s Business Assistance Program offers a low-interest loan program to small state-based businesses investing in any pollution-reduction/waste-control program, including idle reduction technology.

Primary contact: Liz Rusk, (501) 682-0709

Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, Business

Assistance Program, www.adeq.state.ar.us/poa/businessasst.htm, (888) 233-0326

California: grants, low-interest loans

California-based owner-operators selecting an APU may qualify for grant assistance through the Carl Moyer Program of financial incentives if they choose one of certain zero-emissions options, such as battery-powered devices. The grants are administered through local air quality districts. California’s small-business loan program may also be a good source of low-interest funding. The California Air Resources Board operates a one-stop hotline for truck-related information at the number below.

California Air Resources Board, www.arb.ca.gov (click “the Truck Stop” on the left), (866) 634-3735

Maine: low-interest loans

The Efficiency Maine program offers low-interest loans for up to $35,000 investment in efficiency-boosting equipment to Maine-based small businesses – the current interest rate is 1 percent. (See also Cascade Sierra Solutions’ “Great SmartWay Rebate Program.”)

Efficiency Maine, www.efficiencymaine.com, click “For Small Business” under “At Work,” (866) 376-2463

Massachusetts: loans

Microfinance institution Accion offers loans to small businesses in Massachusetts (see also New York) for investing in efficiency-boosting equipment like APUs. Interest rates of 8.99 percent are available for loans of up to five years.

Accion USA, www.accionusa.org, click “Small Business Loans & Resources,” (866) 245-0783

Minnesota: low-interest loans

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, through its Small Business APU Loan Program partly funded by the Midwest Clean Diesel initiative of the EPA, offers low-interest loans to state-based owner-operators and small fleets.

Primary contact: Mike Nelson, (800) 985-4247,


Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, www.pca.state.mn.us, search “Small Business Assistance,” (800) 657-3864

New York: loans

See Massachusetts. Accion USA also offers its loans to New York small business haulers.

North Carolina: rebates

The Division of Air Quality of the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources was awarded federal funds under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to offer rebates on idle reduction equipment. As of late May, more than $250,000 was still available for rebates of up to $2,500 per APU purchase, with a limit of three per company.

  • Albert Paul Wimberley Jr.

    Would like to find out more about financial aid, with apu unit for my lease purchase commercial truck? thx

  • http://overdriveonline.com/channel19 Todd Dills

    Albert, depending on what state you’re in, opportunities will vary. A lot of the big federally funded programs that were ongoing when this story appeared have fallen by the wayside with expiration of federal funding. That said, your state (typically via the environmental service department) may still have a program of incentives. Being in touch with them directly is probably your best bet to finding current information. What state are you in?

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