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Wendy Parker

Atlanta-geddon, part two

| February 12, 2014

Well here we go again. There’s an ice storm predicted for the greater Atlanta area, and this time, they’ve decided to prepare by asking big trucks to avoid the area.


Hang on, let me make sure I understand this. The Governor wants the professional drivers, who are trained and equipped to run in foul weather, to avoid the area. He wants the people who are bringing the city much-needed bread and milk (because we all know you can’t survive an ice storm without copious amounts of bread and milk) to avoid the area. He would prefer the grocery shelves empty, fuel islands dry and pharmacies without medication to having big trucks on the 285 loop, getting in the way of all the abandoned cars.

Who is this genius, and what in the world makes him believe we don’t avoid Atlanta as much as possible already? How many truckers are within 100 miles of Atlanta and say to themselves, “Hey, why don’t I just mosey on over to Atlanta, so I can risk my life on 285, just for fun? While I’m at it, I’ll schedule a colonoscopy and prostate exam for the same day, because I can’t get enough of the grins and giggles associated with 40 lanes of traffic, all doing 900 miles an hour, while everyone plays Angry Birds on their cell phones.”

Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves yet another politician who is completely out of touch with reality and everything associated with it. How stupid is it to ask the professional drivers to avoid the area while allowing the dorks in four-wheelers to maraud around the city, sliding this way and that, because they simply must get to Dave and Busters for a sandwich and some skeeball? Really, guy?


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Here’s a novel idea: shut it down for all non-essential traffic. Allow the professionals, who have reason to be in Atlanta, to use the 75 thru and give them the benefit of not having a blue million abandoned cars to play Frogger with while wrestling 40,000 pounds of essential goods the city needs. I’m pretty sure 90 percent of the truck drivers who are routed through Atlanta this week have already re-routed. The other 10 percent are the ones out here who make everyone look bad, and probably the reason the Governor asked the trucks to stay away in the first place.

I want to give the guy the benefit of the doubt and consider that maybe he just wasn’t thinking when he asked the trucks to stay away, but when I do that I start to wonder how someone can run something like an entire state without thinking. Then I remember he’s a politician and it all makes sense, because most of them have none.

  • bigredfella

    amen to that

  • Mel Davis

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, Not 1 Politician has a clue about trucks or what it takes to operate one. Maybe they need to get hungry so maybe just maybe some will listen !

  • Truckertwotimes

    I wouldn’t want to drive in that mess for anything, and the 10 percent that might have looked bad could have been empty, I’d bet if there were some trucks out there it was because they didn’t know how to say “NO” to a dispatcher, who would want to drive in that? Can I see a show of hands please?

  • AtlantaPete

    Wendy normally has smart things to say, she missed it on this one though. I live in Atlanta, and i am a professional driver. The governer did request cars stay off the road, which they did this time, and they closed schools and gvt businesses. The reason they are asking trucks to stay away isnt to make room for more 4 wheelers, its because they are not effective at treating roads during an ice event here, and those trucks would be in danger, no matter how professional the driver behind the wheel.

  • mousekiller

    Once again Wendy you put a smile on my face and you were right about politicians. What I do not understand is when there is enough warnings about the potential deadly weather situation approaching nothing is done in advance of it. Don’t worry Wendy , when telling stories, facts are not important as much as the fun we get out of your stories. You do get the idea across with a smile and you also give many food for thought. An unusual situation for some. Keep up the good work.

  • Dee

    I too reside in Atlanta and there was no four wheeler activity on the roads at all…AtlPete you were right on POINT with your statement. I would never allow my trucks to be in a dangerous situation and their is no freight that would matter that much to me to take a risk! #SafetyFirst#ArriveAlive

  • jesse wood

    i use to haul oversize out of dubuque ia to miami and i always routed myself down through al to dothan and then east to brainbridge ga then south to fl to I10 east to 75 south to miami just to avoid atlanta in any kind of weather strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.