Deirdra Drinkard

Driver of the Month: John Pipes

Deirdra Drinkard | June 01, 2010

Con-way driver reaches 3.3-million-mile mark in career this year.

Eat This, Not That: Hardee’s biscuits

| April 30, 2010

Piling gravy and meat onto your biscuit also piles on calories and fat.

Eat This, Not That: Wendy’s sides

| April 29, 2010

You can cut a major amount of fat by going for a baked potato.

Eat This, Not That: Pizza Hut pizza

| April 17, 2010

Save yourself a lot of saturated fat by going for a 'fit and delicious' option.

Eat This, Not That: Church’s Chicken

| April 03, 2010

Dropping the bread can save you major calories when it comes to chicken.

Driver of the Month: Robert Colyer

Deirdre Drinkard | April 01, 2010

Exceptional self-discipline takes Hunt Transportation flatbedder into first-time owner-operator status and good health.

Eat This, Not That: McDonald’s breakfast

| March 10, 2010

Some menu items are far better than others.

Eat This, Not That: Hardee’s hamburgers

| March 06, 2010

With 48 grams of fat, the Thickburger may look tasty, but it's not good for your health.

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