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How to engage potential drivers who are slipping away

| March 03, 2015

A safe, practical graduated CDL program ... could bring more qualified drivers with long-term career potential, while screening out more of those who are better suited to four wheels than 18.

Snake in the cab! How to get rid of this uninvited hitchhiker

| February 24, 2015

This video, part of the 30-second Trucker Tips series, is taken from the first installment of 10 Worst Case Trucking Scenarios, Volume 2.

FMCSA shuts down small Nevada carrier  

| February 13, 2015

A three-truck fleet, JDJD Transportation, has been ordered to cease operations because of hours of service and other violations.

The bar goes up on fuel surchargesPodcast

| February 12, 2015

In a podcast, Gordon Klemp, head of the National Transportation Institute, discusses fuel surcharges, sign-on bonuses, demand for owner-operators, and compensation trends for flatbedders and independents.

Record year for owner-operator income: Here are the numbers

| February 10, 2015

Net income for independents and flatbedders topped $60,000. Independents’ income showed the biggest gain over the year, 8.7 percent.

6 things you should know about napping

| February 02, 2015

For professional drivers, napping can be a critical tool in fatigue management. When you nap and how long you nap can affect the results.

Why low fuel prices hold key to fixing highway funding

| January 29, 2015

Congress wimped out again last year and injected the Highway Trust Fund with only enough money to make it through May.

Jan. 15: Neglecting this IRS deadline will cost you

| January 12, 2015

When it comes to income tax, the end of each year gets independent contractors thinking about last-minute strategies to reduce income. After that, April 15 looms as the big deadline. So it’s easy to ignore Jan. ...

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