Wendy Parker

Kicking colorectal cancer in the butt

| March 05, 2015

Michelle Mintling will never forget May 23, 2014. It was the day she had her first colonoscopy and began one of the toughest battles of her life. Michelle and her husband Dennis are team drivers, leased ...

How much is your time worth?

| March 04, 2015

"I can't rightfully condone Burger King bag enemas, but I can tell you to ask for detention pay.... Your time is valuable, too."

All hail Brooks

| March 01, 2015

When a media foul results in a salute. A Columbus journalist gets one right in the wake of his "Reckless Rigs" initial report.

The difference between testing and implementing new ideas

| February 27, 2015

Regulations and life lessons; with entry-level driver training under the microscope in D.C., Wendy learns a little more about her crazy cat.

A tale of two truck stops

| February 25, 2015

"We so appreciate the ones out there doing it right" -- like the Pilot in Troy, Ill. "Kudos to you and your staff, Kari. You're doing good things without even knowing it – and we ...

Trucking 101: The difference between a freight forwarder and a broker

| February 23, 2015

The primary, though not the only, difference between forwarders and brokers is that a freight broker never takes possession of items being shipped.

Actual news? Or a desperate grab for attention …

| February 22, 2015

"I used to get mad and fire back, but there's not enough time in the day anymore. We will always have to deal with haters -- it's best to just pat them on the head, ...

The big-truck ballet

| February 20, 2015

Wendy watching the world go by: "When you sit back, turn the CB off, and just watch the trucks rolling in and out, it's a lot like a big-truck ballet. You can pick the Prima ...

Wendy Parker

Wendy Parker rides with her husband, George Parker, an owner-operator who pulls dry van. She chronicles their adventures and her observations from the shotgun position in her blog and at their website, http://www.thegeorgeandwendyshow.com/index.html

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