Health tip: Avoid the “dieting” stigma

| January 07, 2013

Instead, try to make positive changes by eating healthier and finding some type of physical activity to do. When “on a diet,” it’s easy to fall into a trap of going too far with meal restrictions and then feeling guilty when not sticking to it. Simply start by making better meal and snack choices and finding time to walk.

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  • Mike Tayon

    With all due respect, this is a vague article for a Truck Driver! It is almost impossible to eat right on the road! A lot of the time you must eat crap food, because at 3am when you finally finish your day, and there are no restaurants open, and the local minimart wants $5 for a sandwich, $2 for a soda, and almost $2 for a bag of chips, your going to eat a can of beans and call it good. EATING is a huge problem for Truckers!!!!! :(