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BigRigBuilder offers virtual 3D truck builder

| July 08, 2014 recently announced the launch of its virtual entertainment website built for American truck operators that allows them to “build their dream semi and compete in a virtual truck show” for gear they can install on their actual trucks, the company says. 

The site includes trucks, parts, paint graphics and more. 

The virtual truck show competition will be open for seven months, and the winners — one company driver and one owner-operator — will be announced on Dec. 25, 2014, and will win prizes that include a chrome package from 4 State Trucks; GPS and CB radio from Cobra; Bluetooth headsets from Blue Tiger and SleepDog gel mattress. 

Click here to visit the site. 


  • J Esp

    liars you guys havent got no graphics yet only one truck you could use to add nothing but basic shit 2 types of fenders no wrap around fenders you guys are lying what you dont have it says coming soon reader check for yourself you cant use the truck to share in your social account i tried google+ tweeter facebook and unable to do it good luck bigrigbuilder is fake false advertising

  • J Esp

    bigrigbuilder tell the truth dont lead others into believing you got or can do not everthing you say is true tell them you got one truck little custom things you can use and so on i hate false ads i will expose you on every social media out there youtube dont like me and banned i still go on youtube all you got to say is you got new things coming soon before we go thru the registering bull thank you also more custom parts and trucks strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.