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Boyd, Interstate raising pay

| August 28, 2014

Boyd Bros. Transportation (No. 92 in the CCJ Top 250) and Interstate Distributor (No. 72 in the CCJ Top 250) both announced Aug. 28 they would be implementing pay raises for their drivers.

Boyd, the Clayton, Ala.-based flatbed fleet, said its pay raise will bring its average driver pay to 54 cents a mile. It also announced a 2-cents-per-mile seasonal bonus for company drivers and a 4-cent-per-mile bonus for lease-purchase drivers.

Boyd says it also recently increased its vacation pay, upped its sign-on bonus and implemented its new Five Star MPG bonus program.

Interstate’s pay boost comes in the form of a bonus that could add up to 6 cents per mile to existing pay package for team drivers, the company says.

The team bonus starts at 18,000 miles for team operations. The carrier says 65 percent of its eligible drivers hit the bonus in July 2014.

  • guest

    Their silly bonus for teams starts at 18,000 Miles per month? What Cheapskates…..those drivers will Burn OUT quickly…no time off…they are a DANGER to the Highway…if you see a Boyd Truck…know that driver is probably Delirious…..trapped in a truck for MONTHS on end trying to earn the crappy bonus???? Really SCARY….many are NEW to trucking..which is even WORSE….this is going on in Other companies too…..tired truckers running their asses off in hopes of getting some “mileage bonus”………really scary…..they fall asleep at the wheel ALOT.

  • jason

    Hmmm I avg 13-14 K a month consistently and get regular home time everyweek. So what’s hard about a team meeting those miles?. Some drivers can’t handle the long miles. That’s fine more for me. What do you think is a lot of miles 2 000 a week?.

  • Kendall Oakleaf

    JOKE less miles and more pay is my motto. Oh yeah I am independent and make up most all of my own rates who in their right mind would want to drive 18,000 miles a month much less 8000 single

  • guest

    Agreed….teamed up in a tin box gets OLD…and the chance of a wreck while YOU are sleeping get higher with MORE miles….stress, fatigue, never home…really a crock of crap. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.