Brake inspection blitz happening this week

| September 05, 2014

brake adjustment inspection


Inspection spree set for this week — here’s what to watch for

Here are the dates CVSA has set for the annual Brake Safety Week inspection blitz.

The annual Brake Safety Week inspection spree is taking place this week, Sept. 7-13.

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance says it expects more than 30,000 brake inspections to take place during the week, which would be a 50 percent increase from last year’s roughly 20,000 inspections.

CVSA’s Brake Safety Week is part of the week-long Operation Airbrake program, sponsored by CVSA and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.


Inspection spree puts 2,700 out of service, sees all-time OOS rate low

Of the 20,067 commercial vehicles inspected in the September-held Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's Brake Safety Week, 2,714 were placed out of service to produce a ...

Inspectors will conduct brake system inspections — primarily Level IV — on trucks and buses throughout North America, looking for either out-of-adjustment brakes or brake-system violations.

CVSA says on its website inspectors will look for “brake-system components to identify loose or missing parts, air or hydraulic fluid leaks, worn linings, pads, drums or rotors and other faulty brake-system components.”

Antilock system indicators are also checked, CVSA says.

Click here to read more on the inspection procedure as a primer for the inspection blitz.

CVSA also has on its site resources for drivers regarding Brake Safety Week: Click here to see them. 

  • USMC 69/75

    Sorry but sounds like a bunch of trucker’s b/s. First they mark your brakes “BEFORE” they are applied, then you apply them, and they measure the distance. At least that’s what has always happened for me, and how I measure my travel distance. Why apply, mark then measure? Your bake rod is pushed out, they measure the travel distance from off to applied. The best measure YOU can make, mark your rods, (trailer and drive max’s) set your brakes and measure again. If they are in specs, you have nothing to worry about, if not, adjust and go on down the road!

  • RichieC

    How would you feel if your family member was lost to a brake failer because some dot schmuck wasted the drivers money…ergo his ability to simply say….fix it.

  • USMC 69/75

    A stick between the brake pedal and seat frame works everytime!

  • RichieC

    1. Obama care…passed..disaster. 2. Cap an Trade not passed but being enacted through executive orders and rules from the EPA. 3. Map 21 (all this nonsense) passed and about to double the cost of shipping goods. The first tuesday in nov is just around the corner. in fact 58 days.

  • strawberry

    Why don’t they have a safety blitz the week of the 15th for cars and pickups? after all if its REALLY about safety…oh wait! its not spelled s-a-f-e-t-y its spelled M-O-N-E-Y!!!

  • Smart Trucking



  • Judy

    My husband is a Diesal mechanic and we own and operate our truck. We were pulled in for a D.O.T. The officer said we had 5 brakes out if adjustment. So my husband pulls out his measurement tool that was the same as the officers. He checked our brakes and found only 1 that was slightly out of adjustment and not enough to be classified as out.
    When he discussed this with the officer
    (That did not know he was a mechanic)
    The officer told him that he could take a ticket to prove he was right or he could take a shut down and adjust his brakes.
    After my husband adjusted that 1 brake slightly he told him he was finished, the officer did not even re-check those brakes and let us go!!!!! If I didn’t know better I would think that they have buddies doing the roadside work and getting kickbacks!!!!

  • Rick

    Never been pulled in for inspection. Company keeps our Peterbilt 379 ‘ s & flatbeds, CW’s & Conestoga Tlrs highly maintained up to date & drivers keep them clean.

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  • RikWCrlsn .

    Let’s not fine them but educate them…Most drivers do not know how to check their own brakes

  • JLB

    Well folks I have great news! It’s only going to get worse I’m glad retirement is around the corner for me!!

  • larmar

    Oh please! You are judge, jury, and executioner all in one. How convenient.

  • larmar

    Kinda hard to apply application pressure while measuring the length of travel on the pushrod all by myself.

  • larmar

    70% of truck accidents are caused by cars.

    What are your “deep concerns” about that fact?

  • Mike Hinze

    How about getting your lazy butts under the truck and adjusting your brakes? Yea, that works to.

  • Salaminizer

    Best answer yet! You said all and said it well. Thank you driver!

  • Patty Cakes

    Trying to justify your job, ‘ Sir ‘ ?

  • Patty Cakes

    Problem is, that Statistic doesn’t Collect Cash.

    Bustin’ on a particular industry as a means of raising revenue as well as justifying Gummint Jobs, well, that’s the entire deal in a nutshell.

    Ask yourself this … ‘ Self, if my Gummint was soooo concerned about Safety, would they be ‘ Handing Out ‘ driver licenses to Illegal Aliens ‘ ? ? ?

  • Weenie Washer

    You truckers are all just big bullies and I’m telling my boyfriend.

  • Pecos Pete

    But see senor, I have no elbrakeos, but you can’t write me a ticket because I don’t have a license either. You think it is going on my record ? What record, I have no social security card either.

  • William McKelvie

    Harassment week you mean? Green fluid coming out of an alternator was a classic. Saw the pictures to prove it. Where did that come from? Alternators producing green fluid. Why yes, they are manufactured on the moon and come with mouse cheese. Stay home if you can, is my suggestion. The more desperate states get for REVENUE, the more false or erroneous charges seem to be on the increase. Imagine that.

  • USMC 69/75

    Not really Lamar, if you know what your doing? You mark your rods, then set your brakes and measure them….

  • jojo

    The fatality crash rate for large trucks per 100 million miles was 1.64.

    79 people a week die in truck related accidents.
    Approximately 75% of all car/truck accidents are the fault of the auto’s.
    580 people a week die in car only accidents.
    These numbers indicate that;
    10.9 people per day die because of accidents involving large trucks and that 82.86 deaths per day occur in auto only accidents.

    Note; 65% of all trucks involved in accidents are working within a 100 mile radius and are therefore exempt from the mandatory 30 minute safety break.

  • ICR

    most states and /or DOT officers won’t let the driver adjust the brakes unless he/she can prove they are a certified mechanic trained on commercial vehicles. So, it’s not always easy to adjust and go on.

  • nhealf09

    Probably because there are over 20x more cars than there are trucks on the road. There are 254,212,610 registered cars in the US, there are 15.5 million trucks in the US and about 3 million tractor trailers. If they were purely out for money they would be doing the cars too, and way more often.

  • USMC 69/75


    I’m well aware of that! But that is something one should be doing on a regular bases, not just if or when the DOT pulls you over. “Daily trip inspection ring a bell?” If you know what your doing doing, you’ll be able to tell if you have an issue in the way your truck feels, smells, application gauge, air pressure gauge, and looking at the brakes each-time you stop. Not saying you have to crawl under your truck. Just be observant and know your equipment, and how it’s suppose to work. It’s not that hard to get certified, and if your a professional driver, it’s a real asset to be so (certified that is). JMTCW

  • USMC 69/75

    Prisoners how? If they are in debt to the industry, only one person got them there, so they are their own prisoners? It is, as anything in life… get out of it what you put in it. Oh! I forgot, we’re dealing with entitlements now, my bad!!!!!!!

  • Mark Platt

    I have been in the transportation industry for over 30 years, as a driver, owner operator, and in the office as safety director for a division of a large company. I am currently back driving as an owner operator and the level of harassment, bullying, and outright lying by law enforcement agencies and officers is beyond ridiculous. I recently had a Montana DOT officer cite me for having manual slack adjusters on my trailer in a level II inspection. First lie, level II inspection is not a measured inspection, no way to cite what he did not inspect. Second lie, they were automatic slack adjusters, bigger than life, he could not properly identify the components of the brake system. I called Montana and asked to speak to his supervisor, sent email photos of the extremely obviously automatic slacks, the response was that I was lying, not the kid who had no experience. I have certifications from Arvin Meritor, and Bendix, which I emailed along with the photos. End result, not removed from SMS score.

  • Mark Smith

    How about the Hwy Patrol driving down the road punching in plate #s on the laptops at 65

  • Mark Smith

    Thank you,I like to here things like this I have more of these interaction than not, I don’t like the blitzes, but they are what they are.

  • larmar

    Ask yourself this . . .”Self, why do I have a Gummint/Illegal Alien fetish” Better go back to your dog-whistle box for a different “duck call”

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