Bright and classy: How to upgrade your headlights, bulbs

| August 14, 2013

Maximizing your custom rig’s forward lighting capability with retro-style headlights fitted with high-output bulbs can be something of a win-win. The brighter beams enhance safety, allowing you more time to react to what’s ahead, while the retro-style crystal headlights enhance the truck’s look.

Parts needed:
• 80/100W Xenon White 9004 bulbs
• United Pacific 7-inch round crystal headlights
• 4 State Trucks’ high-beam relay kit
• 12-gauge wire and connectors

A popular choice is to replace a rig’s H6014/H6024 halogen headlights with United Pacific’s 7-inch round crystal headlights. The process calls for swapping out the 55/60W halogen bulbs with Xenon White 80/100W bulbs. The extra wattage provides additional road lighting distance and brightness.

Giving your rig the retro-style headlight look with high-performance light output is an easy install, costs less than $150 and applies to both old and new trucks using single 7-inch headlights.

Remove the stock headlight housing. Remove the H4 bulb from each United Pacific crystal headlight and replace it with the high-output 80/100W Xenon bulb. Don’t touch bulb glass with fingers, as oil/dirt can shatter a bulb when it gets hot.

Locate the high-beam wire coming out of the firewall. Every factory wire is either tagged or stamped with its own number, so calling a dealership might be a quick way to find it.

Mount the headlight relay where it’s high and dry.

Follow the wiring diagram supplied with the relay kit. Relay pole 86 is ground; 87 is power from relay to high-beam on headlights; 85 connects high-beam switch to relay; and 30 connects to battery (or nearest 12-volt direct power point) using an inline 30A fuse.

Install new headlights in housings, and test high/low-beam system. Adjust headlights as necessary.

  • tim

    except for the fact that 80 watts is above the legal limit.Same reason you dont run your highbeams all the time.

  • blondcuban

    even better, replace the stock bulbs with 5000K HID bulbs. With that, you go from 1100 lumens of visible light to 3200 lumens, and reduce power consumption from 55 watts down to 38 watts per bulb.

  • Barney

    If you simply replace the stock bulbs with piaa super white or extreme white, they are a direct replacement(no relay required) and are street legal.

  • I_cant_see_shit!

    Now learn how to aim the damn things so they don’t blind everyone you meet !

  • Hooty

    I have been on the road for over 20 years, and still have my 86′ Frghtliner with the same lights that came on it. If you can’t see the road then you need to get off of it. These new lights are way too bright to be on the road. When I see a car with this blue light crap, I wish they were stopped some place where I could take a hammer to them. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.