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C.R. England cutting 81 non-driver jobs

| September 04, 2013

In a cost-cutting measure, Salt Lake City-based carrier C.R. England will be laying off 81 non-driver workers this week, reports Utah-based newspaper Desert News, who cites a memo circulated at the company recently.

The memo was issued by Chad England, says the report, and the job cuts are due to a stagnant economy, federal regulations and tightening driver market. 

The company must cut its workforce, England says in the memo, to adjust for the amount of freight the company is capable of hauling. 

C.R. England employs 8,245 people, so the cuts represent 1 percent of its workforce. Those laid off did receive severance packages, the report says.

  • Patrick Montgomery

    oh how the mighty has fallen

  • James Jarmon

    Couldn’t have happen to a nicer bunch, don’t worry Pride will hire them.

  • CJ

    What a shocker

  • martymarsh

    And you thought all of that butt kissing would take you places, this might remind you that you are just another number just like the drivers. Try to remember that on your next gig.

  • Guest

    FMCSA has England listed as ALERT STATUS for UNSAFE Driving…also they have racked up 156 different TYPES of Equipment Infractions…from Defective Brakes to Bumper Falling Off…to Hood Securement??? What a Madhouse they are running……..really scary……..steer clear if you see one of the CR ENGLAND trucks near ya!!!!

  • Guest

    C.R. LOSER is a better name for this dumpy company.

  • Guest

    Does the C.R. really stand for COCKROACH?????

  • Guest

    They get a Fortune for Training and Employing “drivers” from the Taxpayers….a real Slaughterhouse on Wheels….they fire them as soon as they get PAID by the Government…and make room for another chump. This dump has way over 100% annual turnover…..and that is the way these Jokers have planned it… they are firing the DEADWOOD around the office…..probably just Realtives of the Executives who dont do any work anyway. Parasite Truckin School is what they should be called..their FMCSA/CSA profile is Pathetic……ALERT STATUS!!!!
    STUDENTS getting busted for UNSAFE DRIVING???? Scary isnt it???? Steer Clear….Loons at the Wheel!!!!

  • The Crazy Trucker

    At least they got severance packages.

  • martymarsh

    England is on the board at ATA, which means none of that counts when you are shaking hands with the big guns in Washington. Plus, they provide a lot of no paying jobs. How are you going to beat that?

  • 2wildT

    Trying to get money together for the hundreds of pending law suits from former drivers likely the real reason for the lay offs, likely more to follow. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.