California delaying enforcement of retrofit deadline for truck owners

| November 22, 2013

California will delay enforcement of the next retrofit deadline for truckers who report certain efforts toward compliance by Jan. 31.


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The state Air Resources Board’s Nov. 13 advisory stated it would recognize truck owners taking action in “good faith” by the Jan. 1 compliance date for particulate matter filters. California will delay enforcement through July 1 for those who have made certain efforts by then and reported these actions to the board’s Truck Regulations Upload and Compliance Reporting System (TRUCRS) by Jan. 31.


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CARB also discussed earlier this month an idea to increase its low-use mileage exemption from 1,000 miles to somewhere in the 5,000 to 7,000-mile range, but shortly thereafter gave indications such an option may not be available in the new year.

When CARB met Oct. 24, the board directed staff to examine how it could provide compliance flexibility under the Truck and Bus Regulation. The board will not formally consider these anticipated changes until its April meeting. It issued the advisory to provide “early access” to planned regulatory changes before then. 

To qualify for the enforcement delay, owners of any size fleet must demonstrate they took one of the following steps:


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  • They have an agreement with an authorized installer for a PM filter retrofit.
  • Signed a purchase contract and ordered a replacement truck equipped with a PM filter (2007 model year engine or newer).
  • Were approved or denied financing for a retrofit PM filter or for a replacement truck equipped with a PM filter. 

Additionally, CARB will recognize the “good faith” efforts of owners of one to three trucks who meet all requirements of Proposition 1B Goods Movement Emission Reduction Program. These owners also must meet certain deadlines and report into TRUCRS.  Click here to see more information in the advisory.

Click here to check your compliance in the state, relative to your truck’s year model.

  • gearjammer2000

    so many drivers have said the hell with California that it is bound to effect the price of transportation in the Commie state, if even more would tear CA. out of their mapbooks it wouldn’t take long for CARB to go away completely!!

  • Steve

    I informed my licensing agency to remove it from my Registration at years end so it is good bye Ca. for me.

  • Christie Fields

    Same here, if I went into the People Republic of California I would charge a P.R.O.C. surcharge.

  • DE_from_NC

    The numbers ARE IN OUR FAVOR !! By that I MEAN EVERYTHING this Fourth Reich gov’t is attempting to do !! Tell CA “go to h**l !” THERE ARE OTHER PLACES TO HAUL !! Can you imagine, and I’m not speaking strictly of truckers and the trucking industry, THAT IF 10’s OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE COLLECTIVELY, JUST SAID NO on things like ObamaCare, wi fi black box recorders in the new cars, being “taxed by the mile” in your 4 wheeler, being “felt up by the TSA “pervert squad” at the airport, having to give saliva (for your DNA) and blood samples at a “not so routine” highway road check, and your 2nd, 4th & 5th Amendment Rights constantly screwed with or ABOLISHED ALTOGETHER- HOW F****G FAST THIS WOULD CHANGE ? Next question- Can you get “Braindead America” who listens to the telepromptered, scripted “spewing of propaganda” each night at 6 & 11 while texting on their IPhone to COLLECTIVELY DO A DAMN THING for the greater good of the country ? HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLL NOOOOOOOOO !! But I’ll bet truckers WILL QUIT going to CA, me for one, I have a 2000 model truck. So let their veggies rot in the fields, let their wine bottles collect dust, let ’em put it on piggy back trains and be lost for weeks at a time- IN THE END YOU WILL PREVAIL !! Like I said THE NUMBERS OF STRENGTH ARE ON OUR SIDE !! And if you think I’m full of it with what I mentioned above- Google the phrases and see what comes up !! THERE’S TONS OF INFO !! And just so you know I WAS NOT JOKING about the “totally scripted Presstitute media”, here’s proof !!-

  • g

    Yep..Jerry Brown is issuing drivers licenses to every illegal alien in Calif….and has released Thousands of criminals early because of lack of prison space……he is doing a fine job for a SENILE KOOK!!!

  • Theresa

    CA should not be entitled to any of the 2290 paid by older trucks. Since they will not be allowed by CA choice to enter the state…

  • mike

    I have
    been born and raised in soviet union. Long time US citizen now, california
    resident and taxpayer. I have seen the life there and here..California worse than
    soviet union..!!!! F*&^k you carb’s sold bitches ..!!!!

  • Mike

    I agree with you DE….

    We must
    defend our 2nd, 4th & 5th Amendment Rights !!!

  • gordoherrell

    in California and everywhere else they are trying to put the little guy out of buslness ,because there are companies like Swift and Knight that willalways have new trucks and work for nothing , I had one of those Swift drivers one time , my 11 year old son had to back his truck into the unloading dock

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  • Mark

    Definitely radical environmentalism

  • omar

    That is right f K. California
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