California emissions laws spur big jump in diesel particulate filter sales

| August 07, 2014


CARB’s ‘loan denial provision’ less appealing by the minute

Details on proposed changes to amendments to CARB's Truck and Bus Rule adopted earlier in the year -- owner-operators have through Thursday, July 17, to ...

California’s stringent emissions regulations have been quite a boon for diesel particulate filter sales in the state, according to data published this week, especially in the 12-month period of June 2013-June 2014, presumably as truck owners in the state began retrofitting their rigs to come into emissions compliance.


Retrofit-DPF sales to satisfy California regulations lag

The total number of verified DPFs sold by companies for diesels operating in California in the first half of 2013 was 3,508 and includes both ...

Figures from the Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association show that DPF sales jumped 65 percent year over year in the state in the six-month period between Jan. 1 and June 30 of this year, with 5,780 filters reported being sold by MECA members. In the same time period in 2013, 3,508 filters were sold by MECA members, the group says.

The last six months of 2013, however, were on par with the first six months of 2014, as MECA members sold 5,457 DPF units, MECA says.

In all of 2012, MECA members sold 6,261 filters for trucks and buses.


CARB fines for trucking companies total $2.2 million last year

California’s Air Resources Board Diesel penalized truck and bus fleets a total of $2,177,813 last year for non-compliance with state diesel risk reduction programs.

The increased activity of late is in response to the California Air Resources Board’s requirement that virtually all trucks in the state with 1996-2006 model year engines be retrofitted with a DPF or upgraded to 2007 and later emissions technologies. The deadline for installation was Jan. 1, 2014, but the state had some alternative compliance options and dates in place for some truck owners, which could have delayed compliance to June 30.

CARB expects another 36,000 trucks still need to take action to become compliant with its emissions restrictions, MECA says, though the group did not say how many trucks it or CARB expect to take steps to come into compliance.

  • jim stewart

    I’ve got an alternative compliance option.. Six inch straights with a larger turbo.. Keep your engine tuned, maintained, your fuel clean, filters changed religiously and treat your truck with respect as any piece of equipment should be that’s producing you revenue. Fine tuned diesels will burn clean without spending thousands on add on junk trying to mussel them into oblivion. This DPF dog-n-pony show is just another massive government scam heaped on the hard working American trucker to pacify this noisy green coalition of special interest groups who have many other agendas besides the environment on their mind. We have become an easy target for every wacko group because we would rather stick our head in the sand than speak out on these issues before they reach critical mass.. Truckers get railroaded every time. If they don’t allow my truck to deliver, fine, move your cargo by rail!

  • Rob Smith

    Right on my friend.

  • lastgoodusername

    I’ll say it again, STAY THE HELL OUT OF CALIFORNIA.

  • mare

    I just want to know who in that Arb. (Air resources board) keeps track of all the sales of trucks and dpf filters. Who’s job is it to keep track of all the owner/ops they’ve put out of business and how many homes have foreclosed because they want clean air. I’m sure all the families that lost homes are so grateful for clean air as they now live outside. I also wonder “is it really about clean air?” Jerry Brown fired the people who wanted to halt fracking in this state until it could be regulated. Right now they can frack with zero regulation on were they put all the contaminated water or how much pollution goes into the air. So really is it about clean air or lining politicians pockets. I think its all about the dollar and the rest is bullshit. California the anti business and anti trucker state. When is California going to learn from Nevada who promotes the trucking industry. I wish we could all boycott California. Then they would beg for the trucks to come back.

  • Roger Xavier Jackson

    Stay out of the gay state. …

  • bill henry

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